Monday, February 10, 2014

The Winter That Wouldn't Leave

I know my posts have been sparse.  Some days I am better, some days are still rough.  But I think I am well enough to start this thing up again... besides.  One day, so I am told, spring will come.  And things will be pretty again!

I feel like there aren't that many things to blog about when the ground is covered in ice and you are forbidden to walk outside for fear that you might fall and hurt your pregnant self.  I have rather felt like an old person of late, an invalid if you will, and I am ready for the spring to come melt this snow away for good so I can get back outside and play with my animals!  Indoor confinement has never suited me, especially this winter!!
I am tired of snow.

Did you get that I am tired of snow? 'Cause I really am!!  And so are the chickens.  And the dogs.  And the pony.  And the cats.  We all want it to just go away already.

Here are just a couple of pictures I felt snap-worthy in the last week or so:

Icy cold sunrise a couple weeks back.
Pretty Siri.
Gardening plans and chicken plans will be somewhat scaled back this year due to my pregnancy, but I still hope to plant flowers and a few tomato vines and perhaps let one of the hens hatch some chicks.  I look forward to the future when I feel better and will have an extra pair of little kiddo hands to play in the dirt and pick up baby chicks and all that fun stuff with!

Come on warmer days!! We anxiously await you!