Saturday, April 11, 2015

Annual Re-mulching, Garden Progress

Every year for my birthday, I ask my husband for the same thing.


Yes that is right, I ask for beautiful, red landscaping mulch!

I LOVE to have a nice, neat, and orderly yard.  It just makes me feel awesome. I love the smell of fresh mulch, and the way it neatens up our home on the outside.  It has become something I look forward to each and every year!  Take a look at my before and after pics, and I think you will see why:

Porch side:

East side:

More of the east side:

West side:

Ahhh.  It just FEELS so much better!

While he was at it, hubby got our garden tilled up again and the raised beds cleaned up.  So far we have planted lettuce, radishes, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes.  We plan to plant watermelon, corn, sweet peppers, and a few other things still yet!!  I am very excited for this gardening season.

Raised bed cleanup:
Tilling the garden:
I have so far had ZERO luck finding the right chicks at the feed stores around here.  But I *think* we might have a hen sitting so we will see what the future brings!  For now I am LOVING this weather and how neat and tidy our lawn is looking.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mommy Post: My 9 Month Post-Partum Update

*First I would like to be sure everyone understands what the term "post-partum" means.  All it means is the period of time after you gave birth to a baby.  It is not to be confused with the term "post-partum depression".  This is just an update on my weight loss goals post baby.*

So here we are, a little over NINE months since I gave birth to my sweet baby boy.  It is crazy that time has gone so quickly!  The reason I haven't given a weight update prior to nine months is because of a great thought I read before I had my Littlest Farmer.  It said that "it took nine months to get all that weight on, so give yourself at least nine months to get it back off".  So I wanted to be fair to myself and wait that long before evaluating where I am at.

I am very happy to say that I am the same weight I was pre-baby.  This makes me happy because I gained a pretty whopping 55 pounds while pregnant.  The first 35 came off fast, but then the last 20 pounds took a lot more work and dieting.

All that being said, I would still really love to lose another 10-15 pounds.  In the months before I got pregnant with my little boy, I was unhappy with my weight and wanted to lose 10-15 pounds then, too.  Now I would especially love to do that because even though I weighed what I did pre-baby, things just do NOT look the same!!  I have had to learn to dress differently to hide that flabby, post-baby belly.  It doesn't seem like I can do ANYTHING to get it tucked back in!  But of course, it was worth it for my sweet boy.  Being a mom equals sacrifice in a lot of areas, and the body is certainly not exempt!

The photos:
About a year before I got pregnant.
Nine months pregnant:
The night before induction.
Heading home from the hospital.
Nine months later:

During pregnancy and for a while after, I just felt SO huge.  I never thought I would see the scale show a number that I was pre-pregnancy EVER again.  And even though I want to lose a bit more, I feel pretty good about where I am right now.  So take heart if you were like me and gained a lot during pregnancy!  It CAN come off!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Tree Growth!

A couple of weeks back I mentioned that we had obtained some trees from the Beaver Watershed Alliance that serves our area.  Well I am happy to announce that I am seeing some growth on our little seedlings!  Take a look:

My Flowering Dogwood hasn't shown much life yet!  So I am trying to be patient. :)
These aren't seedlings, but I thought they were so pretty!
Our tree row!
A little budding action going on!!  I think this is a Serviceberry tree.
More buds.
Red Maple budding in the dog's yard.
Ahh I love spring and all the new beginnings!!  I am still keeping my eye out for just the right Bantam chicks so hopefully we will be adding a few cute little chickies to our mini farm soon as well.

Also we have officially started gardening - we have the plot tilled and bought some potatoes last night!!  We also have four tomato plants ready for planting.  I will try to get some pictures of our garden to keep track of its growth.  We are looking forward to a bountiful year!