Wednesday, March 19, 2014

One Year of Little Bitty Life!

It is hard for me to believe, but my Little Bitty Life blog has already been going for a year!!  Whew what a lot has happened in the last year.  From baby chicks to baby geese to garden yield and finding out we are pregnant to LOTS of snow.  In honor of our one year anniversary which actually occurred on March 14th, I felt it was time to get an animal update!  I finally feel up to it and I am so glad!! 

I didn't get quite as many pictures as I wanted since the camera died on me, so you won't see Bill in here but he is doing good.  I will try to do an additional update soon and include him!

 This picture came out looking a little off in color for some odd reason, but Gypsy is doing great! She has gained a lot of weight which we are very happy with as she was a little underweight when she came to us and it took a long time to get her to eat much in one sitting!
Siri is being a stinker as usual.  After these ground-level photos, I realized rolling around the ground on my stomach is no longer an easy task.  At one point, I said to myself out loud "you know, you are pregnant. Prolly shouldn't do try that anymore for now!"
Here you can see the grass is finally starting to green up and that sparkle of light is actually the War Eagle Creek.  It got up pretty high last Sunday from heavy rains which we were thankful to get!  
I love these gorgeous doggies.  They are so good!!
The chickens sure have been glad to see some green here and there.

That's it for now, since my battery died.  I did want to give a giant THANK YOU to those who have followed me through the last year, especially the last few months when I have been so sick and posts very sparse.  I am hoping to pick things up more as the weather gets better, but of course there will be times when I won't be able to do and post as much as our due-date nears.  But I am planning to keep the blog going along - lots of exciting times ahead!!

Thank you, my sweet followers and readers!
Lana of Little Bitty Life

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Warmer Space

Well, the snow from our 4th big snow this winter is finally melting!!  We are hoping and praying that no more snow comes this year, but we shall see.  It has been a long, cold winter for everyone and we are ready for it to move on.

But, midst the cold and snow, we were able to get away to Gulf Shores for a little vacation - our last as a family of two!  The warm temps were such a nice, welcome break with the winter we have had.  Here are some pics!

First evening we arrived!  Ahhhh.
Sandwiches over the beach are so much more romantic than sandwiches at home.  Haha!
Ben was able to get a few 20 week maternity shots for me...

After our lovely stay at the beach, we headed back home through Mississippi and then Louisiana!  Of course us being our normal redneck Arkansas selves, we had to stop at the Duck Dynasty warehouse...
...which was great fun.  We got a couple of Si tea glasses and Ben got a hat for himself and Dad. I bought a really cute t-shirt but it probably won't get worn much 'til after the baby comes - it is a tad snug at the moment!
We did make sure after we finally got home to take some time to spend with the critters.  We took Jake and Arwen to the nearest park and hit some easy trails. It was so relaxing! The only picture I got was of their little collie ears... I just thought it was cute!

Well finally a decent post!  Let's hope my stomach cooperates and these can continue.  :)  Big thanks to all of my sweet readers for enduring my blog post dry spell!