Friday, December 19, 2014

Mommy Post Mondays - My Top 10 Must-Have Items for the First Weeks with a Newborn

One thing about my blog is - well, "you just never know what you are gonna get".  One day I am talking about roosters crowing and the next I might post a recipe and the next a mommy post.  I like to keep my readers guessin'. :)

This list is my personal top 10 list, which I am posting for two reasons. One, I want to remember this stuff for next time. And two, it might be helpful for any new momma's-to-be out there! Everyone is different and has different experiences, so what might be in my top 10 might not be in yours. I feel confident that if I had all of these items on my list, I could bring home a newborn at any time and feel totally prepared. Well, as prepared as one can feel when embarking on a journey of such magnitude!

1. Pacifier.
2. Bassinet.
3. Swing. Oh I could not live without our swing!! Lifesaver! Or sleep saver. Heehee.
4. Breast pump. This was pretty much the whole reason I was able to breast feed at all. We got a really rough start but my breast pump pulled us through, and now I have been able to breast feed 100% without having to use the pump for months.
5. LOTS of diapers and wipes, obviously.
6. Large, absorbent swaddling blanket (like we got from the hospital).
7. Sleep sack/"Woombie".
8. Lots of onesies.
9. Carseat with stroller click in.
10. Diaper bag with cold compartment for milk and other organizational compartments.

Oh, the sweet sight of a sleeping newborn!!
Anything I forgot?  Feel free to ad to my list in the comments!!

Happy Holidays!!

The holidays have proven to be great fun with a baby around to enjoy everything with.  

Our sweet boy has been doing great!  He has a super early bedtime (about 6:30 p.m.) but that is OK with us!  It is a little hard sometimes because our family may not get to see him if they come visit in the evenings, but they do get to see him on the weekends so that is good.  He is sleeping 11 to 12-hour nights which momma is loving.  Now once he gets older if he could just go to bed a tad later and sleep a tad later, we'd be in good shape!


We had a great Thanksgiving.  Tons of food, as always, and tons of fun.

The Littlest Farmer sat in Aunt Julia's lap to watch the parade.  We didn't watch a lot of it - I think we woke up too late to see most of the fun floats and balloons. We enjoyed board games in the evening after our sweet boy went to sleep.

<--- As you can see, the Littlest Farmer is growing like a weed!!  It is hard to find clothes that fit right at this stage.  It is REALLY hard to find 6-9 month stuff in stores!

Christmas Celebrations

First off, we did a lot of decorating.  I still need to take pictures of our house, but I haven't gotten around to it yet!  We have been listening to tons of Christmas music, putting up lights, shopping, making cookies and candy, you name it and we've done it.  I still have a tiny bit of Christmas shopping to finish up, but I am done for the most part.  It is sooo nice to get to enjoy the holidays this year! Last year I was so sick due to being pregnant that I was pretty much just a party pooper.

We took an evening last week to make Christmas cookies and candy.  We made Aunt Bill's candy, chocolate covered pretzels, sugar cookies, and glitter cookies.  Here are a few pics of our Christmas cookie and candy making day:

For my next update I plan to share our Christmas family photos and the Littlest Farmer's FIRST Christmas!!  Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Spark the Rooster's Adventures at Little Bitty Life - Chapter 1

(This is the first story in a series I am beginning for my blog.  It will be continued each Tuesday.  I hope my readers enjoy!)

It's morning!!

It is early.

It is cold.


I love mornings.

And early.

Not that fond of the cold, though.

"COCCKKKADOOOODDLE-DOOOOOO!!!  UP and AT 'EM, ladies!!"  I coax.

Mostly my crows fall on deaf ears in the mornings.  None of the girls are much for being early risers.  They moan and groan and stay curled up on the roost.  However, I have a mission.

I stretch my wings out and scratch my head with my left claw.  Another crow.   Then I hop down to the coop floor, soft with a layer of pine shavings, and make my way out of the door.  Ahhh.  The morning air is crisp.  The horizon is dark blue - I get up before the sun, you see.  Then I look up.  Every morning for as long as I can remember, I fly out of the coop and monitor the grounds.  There are dogs to inspect, cats to converse with, and a pony to question.  I have a VERY important job.

With one big stretch and a 1, 2, 3  I extend my wings and with a few good flaps and I am out of the coop.  I sail to the ground and sound a boisterous crow to let the world know to stand guard!!  I am Spark, and I am watching!  A hawk caws in the distance and I dart beneath a bush.

Okay, all clear.  Anyway...

Once I am sure the coast is clear, I slide through the fence and into the dog's yard.  Jake, the rather flighty male collie, is in a tizzy about something.  He is running alongside the fence, then darts towards the woods and barks and barks.

"Good grief, Jake.  What is it this time?"  I bellow.

Jake sees me and scampers forward, stopping just before me.  His eyes look anxious!

"Spark, alert the girls!!  There is a FOX just down in the gully!"

"A FOX???"  I squawk.  Suddenly I hear noise in the bushes.  Jake bristles and I ready my spurs.

Out pops Siri, the rather naughty calico cat.  She likes Jake for some reason, and he likes her.  But I never have cared much for her since she decided it would be good evening entertainment to scare my girls when they are trying to set on their nests.

I say nothing as she saunters by, a mean glare in her eyes.  Jake walks to her and they sniff noses.

"Fox is almost up the hill."  I hear her tell him.

"Probably be best for you to stay within the safety of our yard, then."  Jake informs her.  Siri rolls her eyes.  Arwen, the female collie, trots up then.  "Fox?" She asks, sniffing the air.  Jake, Siri, and myself all nod.

Then, just across the yard, we hear the howl of a fox - right behind the chicken coop!!

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