Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Our New Rooster

Finally, a picture of our new rooster!!

Yes, I know.  He is not the same one as in the fair picture from my last post.  Basically, and very unfortunately, we ran into some major issues that I would rather not go into.  So this little fella is now our new rooster!  We picked him up from the fair on Saturday night.  He is such a beauty, and his picture does not do him justice.  We found him for sale on Saturday night and I was so excited, because he was one I had my eye on but was not for sale previously.

He is an Old English Bantam and his name is Spark.  We are excited to see what kind of pretty babies he will father!  

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Huntsville Fair 2013

Well yesterday was our big day at the fair that I had been looking forward to!  (Actually, evening at the fair.  Our fair is so tiny it only takes about an hour or two to see everything lol.)

Of course, we got a funnel cake.  It was SO good!  But I totally forget to take a picture of it.  Oh well, just trust me.  :)
I have become a bit of a bore in my "old age" as I cannot stomach even the tamest of fair rides anymore.  But I can take pictures!
This is my sister and her hubby!  They were so kind as to let me snap a picture.  I was a little sad because Ben had to work last night and couldn't come with me, but I had plenty of company with my sister and Mom!

My favorite part is the animals.  They are so much fun to watch!
Beautiful goat.  Me wants!
He's kinda cute... just sayin'....
You all know a big part of the fair I was excited for was the chickens.  I was hoping to purchase a few to add to our flock.  Well, unfortunately, there were hardly ANY chickens for sale this year!  I was sad.  But I desperately need a new rooster and just happened to find this lovely Phoenix fellow for sale.  Thank goodness!  Can you imagine what lovely babies I will have mixing this guy with the Spitzhaubens?  I can't wait to see the results!
Also, my sister decided she couldn't live without this terribly cute bunny rabbit.  She is planning to pick him up tonight and take him home.  I am excited to get some more shots of him, as this one doesn't do his cuteness justice at all!  (Also, I have no idea if it is actually a him or a her.)
Well, that sums up our fun time at the fair!  I will be bringing my beautiful Phoenix rooster home this evening so hopefully I can snap some pictures of him tomorrow to share.  Let's hope for an easy transition for he and our current chickens!
Good night fair!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Day the Cats Got Even

Hmmm.  Me thinks giving the cats a bath might not have been the best idea....

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Meet Aura!

I haven't done a "Meet the Animals" post in ages!  Mostly because I feel like every time I do one, something bad happens to the animal I posted about.  I know it is silly, but seriously!  Let's hope no such luck befalls Aura today.

This is one of our kitty girls, Aura.  She is mostly claimed by Ben, as she is his favorite cat of all.

Aura is a little over two years old, sister to Chico who passed away earlier this year.  She is the daughter of Pearl, who we also still own.

Aura as a kitten:

Most of the cats don't get along too well with Aura, as she seems to be a bit of a whiner.  Pearl puts up with her, but that's about it.  Haha!

Aura and Pearl in a mood.
The sweet days when Siri and Aura got along lol!
When Aura was about a year old, she got in a tangle with something.  To this day we aren't sure what it was, either fence or animal or car, but she went missing all day.  I knew something was up so I told Ben when he came home.  Thank goodness he went to look for her, heard yowling, and found her in the woods with a large gash on her leg.  She couldn't move and was very weak.  Ben quickly brought her up to the house where I inspected her leg that was torn open down to the tendon.  I immediately started her on kitten milk replacer, fish oil, and colloidal silver.  I used the colloidal silver both in her milk and on the actual wound itself (it is an excellent antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral).  After many days and constant care, Aura began to heal.  Today you can't even tell which leg was injured!  I was so happy she healed up so nicely.  (Had she shown any signs of infection, I'd have taken her to the vet.  However, the colloidal silver must have done the trick!)

After the ordeal, she lost a fair amount of hair on her back (a strange side effect cats sometimes get when going through stress).  She has always been slightly bald in that area, which is a little odd looking.  But we love her anyway!
Pretty girl.

Making friends with Bill.
Aura loves to lounge on the porch and watch the chickens go by.  Life is good for this kitty, and hopefully her past rough experience has taught her not to leave the safety of our home!

Lounging on the porch with Mamma Pearl.
I hope you enjoyed meeting Aura today!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Clearly not the way to start a week...

Today turned out to be bathe the cats day.  It is not really what I had on the agenda this morning, but something I knew needed doing upon inspection of their fur.

I filled the bath about 1/3 full with nice, warm water.  But let's be honest, they still hate it!  I try to make it as quick as possible though.  I hardly ever bathe my cats, but sometimes there is a need for it.

And of course, I had to snap a few photos.  Poor kitties!!
"I'm never talking to you again."
Also, last night we came home from church to discover Bill must have had a mild bout of colic as he had not touched his hay.  We found a piece of landscape material had blown into his paddock and for some odd reason he chewed on it!  I was panicking... but as I watched him I realized he was in no pain, just acting his usual self.  Before long he was eating as normal.  THANK GOODNESS for that!!  Let's hope this week starts improving. Haha!

Have a great day to my followers!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Three things I love...

Three things I am loving about this lovely Friday?

Our view:
This butterfly (or is it a moth?) in my windowsill:
Siri, one of my precious kitty babies:
Wanting to pounce...
Love her so much!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  I am getting so excited for the fair next week.  Weee!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wet chicks!!

Had I known today would have taken this kind of an interesting turn, I'd have waited on posting my blog post this morning and posted this instead!

As you may know, we have been getting a LOT of rain lately (and we are most thankful for it).  Mrs. Potts has taken excellent care of her chicks during inches upon inches of heavy rain every time... up until today.  I happened to be in the back bedroom when I heard a horrible squawking - I immediately jumped up to investigate.

Imagine my horror when I looked out to see a soaking Mrs. Potts with her completely sopped chicks frantically running about her!  I don't know what happened - if she got scared of something or what - but they all looked like they had just been nearly drowned.  

Rain pouring madly, I grabbed my flip flops and dashed outside.  I herded them into the chicken coop and grabbed a VERY angry Mrs. Potts, putting her into her broody house and locking the door.  Then I proceeded to nab the chicks that were freaking out without their mother, slipping in the mud, and probably half frozen to death.  I got all but one that had run into the main chicken house... so I opened the access door and started trying to grab her... frightening Scarlet who was in the process of trying to lay an egg.  Scarlet was so mad!  She flopped and squawked... but finally I was able to get past her nagging and grab the last chick!  All chicks tucked into my shirt, I started running for the warm, dry garage.  I could feel the chicks trembling because they were so cold!
P.S. - This is why it pays to ALWAYS have a readily-available isolation area indoors to treat your chickens in case this kind of thing happens.  I was so glad I had a box all ready to go!  

Well almost all ready.  I didn't have the brooder light plugged in, obviously, because I wasn't using it.  I pulled the extension cord over and in the midst of the craziness, managed to plug the extension cord into itself, wondering why on earth the brooder light wasn't coming on.  Gee, aren't I brilliant?!  I finally caught on and got all the plugs in the right places and wa-la, warm light!  I put the chicks in along with some fresh pine shavings.  
Some of the chicks starting to dry off.
Slowly but surely the chicks began to dry off.  Except not me, I didn't.  I was wet, realllllly wet.  But I could deal with that later!  At the moment I wasn't sure how long it would take the chicks to dry, so I took an unused chicken waterer and proceeded to fill it.  Of course, I had to run outside again in the pouring rain and ear-splitting thunder, praying I didn't get struck by lightening.  I turned the hose on and brought it to the garage door only to find that somewhere out in the yard there was a kink because I wasn't getting water.  Out in the rain again, ducking when it would lightening.  Oy, what an afternoon.  
Bill is like "what is going on in there??"
Finally, after a lot more rainfall and waiting, the chicks were dry.  The rain finally stopped, and I packed up the chicks and returned them to Mrs. Potts.  (She was SO angry at me....)  I locked up the broody house to be sure they won't be coming out until things dry up a bit.
Ready to go back to Mrs. Potts.  (Yes I used a paper sack to transport them!)

WHAT a day.  I think now I need a nap!

Exciting plans and hopes ahead!

I know my posting lately has been pretty sporadic, and that is because - as usual - we have been sooo busy!  Work, having company over, church, and just trying to take care of all the critters takes up most of our time.
I love our simple little home!  I would love to make it a 2-story one day but that is a HUGE dream too far out of reach at the moment!
But I am excited for a few things to come...

The fair is coming in a couple of weeks!  We decided not to enter any chickens this year since we are soooo busy, but we are going to go and hopefully find a couple of chickens to bring home to add to our flock.  I am so excited!
Our current chicken coop.
I am also excited about my sister's birthday and camping trip coming up within the next few days and weeks.  I love getting to spend time with my precious family!
The gorgeous spot we camp at!
AND another thing I am excited about?  Possibly some new development in the future!  We are hoping to add onto the concrete slab beside the garage (in the picture below).  We want to build a stall for Bill, another chicken coop, and an area to keep hay and shavings so that we don't have to keep the hay in the garage anymore.  All this will be built with scrap materials and the guys in my family will help us to build it, so we are hoping minimal cost will be involved.
Currently we have to keep our hay in the garage...
P.S. - Grumpy Aura says "hey"!  She looks like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  :D

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mr. Squirrel Visits and A Goosely Good Morning

Mr. Squirrel came for a visit just the other day... not sure what he was looking for.  He came really close to the house - I got this from just inside our doors - and he even hung out in the dog yard for a while!  Crazy thing.
The geese were none too impressed and honked in warning.  Mr Squirrel wasn't sure what to think of that, but when Mrs. Potts flared up at him and squawked, that was the last straw and he took off to higher, safer ground!

Speaking of geese, they have developed a nasty habit of pecking the back door harder, harder, and harder to the point of tearing up the trim!  Ahhh!  I have rigged up a temporary fence on one side of the house to keep them away, but I need to get a real fence put up on both sides.  You can see how we were awaken this morning...
Of course they pick the door that is missing a glass panel (knocked out from a rock flying out of the mower a few years back).  I am wondering if I am going to wake up one day to a big CRASH and find that panel not looking quite so solid.  Ugh.  Really need to get that thing repaired haha!

Well that about sums up the current happenings on our farm.
Have a lovely day to all!

Saturday, August 3, 2013


We have been getting tons of rain, with last night being the most yet!  We don't have a rain gauge so I don't know the exact amount, but I know some locals have reported as much as 5 inches.  Wow!  We are so thankful for the rain and hopeful that it will keep the hay prices very low through the next year.

Here are some pictures of the woods that flooded - we have a wet-weather creek!
Flooded fields.
Wet weather creek.
Our temporary waterfall.
 All the animals are just fine, and of course Mrs. Potts kept her little precious chickies warm and dry.
Have a great day to all!