New Tree Growth!

A couple of weeks back I mentioned that we had obtained some trees from the Beaver Watershed Alliance that serves our area.  Well I am happy to announce that I am seeing some growth on our little seedlings!  Take a look:

My Flowering Dogwood hasn't shown much life yet!  So I am trying to be patient. :)
These aren't seedlings, but I thought they were so pretty!
Our tree row!
A little budding action going on!!  I think this is a Serviceberry tree.
More buds.
Red Maple budding in the dog's yard.
Ahh I love spring and all the new beginnings!!  I am still keeping my eye out for just the right Bantam chicks so hopefully we will be adding a few cute little chickies to our mini farm soon as well.

Also we have officially started gardening - we have the plot tilled and bought some potatoes last night!!  We also have four tomato plants ready for planting.  I will try to get some pictures of our garden to keep track of its growth.  We are looking forward to a bountiful year!


  1. Very exciting to see the trees budding!
    And welcome to the world of gardening!

  2. How exciting! Yay for gardening!! :)


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