Geese Just Wanna Have Fu-hun!

Rare it is that I find an animal that I just can't live with.  Unfortunately this little farmer found out pretty quick, though, that geese were not my thing.  It wasn't because they became aggressive as many said they would.  I had no problems with them being mean to me.  It was this strange habit they'd developed... of chewing on our house!  All day I would hear them pecking and chewing and pulling on our siding and the wood frames around the doors.  The reason?  I really think they did it because they were bored.  They are built to swim and all I had for them to play in was a tiny kiddie pool!

Thankfully, we had a great solution.  My parents recently bought some land behind their home which just happens to include a gorgeous, very large pond.

So this is their new home now.  We will get to visit them and Mom and Dad have been giving us updates on them.  The second day they were there, a huge flock of Canadian geese came to visit!  Mom and Dad said they were right in the middle of them, having the time of their little goosie lives.

I will be sure to take my camera next time we go to give you all an update on their new and improved lives.  Meanwhile, the chickens and the doggies and the cats and pony are all a lot happier.  The geese were getting awful bad to bite everyone, from the dogs to even Bill when he tried to eat hay!!  

So I have learned my lesson.  No more waterfowl until we have a pond for them!!  Swimming is very important when you have a body shaped like a boat and paddles for feet!


  1. That is so great that they are happy with their big pond! I want geese, but we are waiting until we can get a pond dug on our property. I was surprised that they chew on the house - what the heck? :)

  2. I'm sure they are very happy! I too want a pond on the's in the five year plan ;) I have several ducks, but they are very happy with their pools. But a pond would be so much better, I am quite sure ;).

    Thanks for sharing :)


  3. Awwww so glad they have a watery home that you can still visit! I can't believe they were chewing on your house. I hope my schnauzers don't start doing that. Lucy's been bored as of late.

  4. Wow...looks like a great place for them! Part of managing our critters is doing what you did!


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