Front Porch View: Rainstorm

I know, my postings have been sparse. I might get better one day when things calm down! For now, I thought I'd share this gorgeous rainstorm I watched from our front porch....

Pretty clouds.
Coming in fast!
You can barely see the hill now!
Spark did not appreciate the downpour!
I love summer rainstorms.  They keep the grass green and the hay prices low!


  1. When things calm down?? You mean after the baby is born? :) I love a good rainstorm. We haven't had any in a while, so I appreciate your photos.

    1. Ha, exactly. So in other words, I'm prolly gonna be a stranger for a while!! Thanks for always reading my posts, though. :) It means a lot, and of course I always love keeping up with your family! Hopefully we will find a new routine soon that includes a little more blogging for me. Pregnancy has been.... just rough. I just never seem to feel very good!! But it won't be too much longer and our little boy will be here with us and not inside of me, wreaking havoc on every organ possible LOL.

    2. I'm sorry the pregnancy has been so hard on you. At least after the little guy is born, your husband can take a turn having all of his organs punched while you take a nap. :). Hang in there! I can't wait to hear how it all goes for you! Will you be posting photos of him?

    3. I am hoping hubby will let me post a few photos of him, but we shall see. Maybe I can twist his arm. :)

  2. So beautiful, Lana. Thanks for capturing it. :)


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