New Life!

We are so proud to announce the arrival of our Little Bitty Farmer!!  He will be referred to on my blog as such for the time being just for privacy reasons.  Here are a few pictures of his birth:

The first few weeks at home have been amazing and terrifying all at once.  We are still trying to get adjusted, but things are starting to come together quite well.  Plus the Littlest Farmer is quite good at sleeping at night, only waking a couple of times for a meal which makes this mamma happy!

Here are some pictures I took just the other day while we took advantage of the beautiful weather to sit outside for a while.
Siri and Gyppie, buds.
So sweet, loving the outdoors like his Mamma!
Jake catching grasshoppers for a snack!

Fresh flowers from outside - the mint and honeysuckle smell sooo good!


  1. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! I have been waiting not very patiently for this news. He is adorable. I could not be happier for you.

  2. Wow, congratulation! He is a great looking boy. :-}


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