Things Haven't Changed Around Here!

Things around here are just the same - just add a precious baby to the mix that is!!  First - a few of my favorite pics from our first family photo session:

And now for a Little Bitty Farm update:
A few days ago I discovered that one of our Spitzhauben hens, much to my surprise, had been hiding a nest under the coop and had hatched five babies!!  Unfortunately her maternal instincts are a tad.... lacking.  So I left her with two and took three inside to raise myself.  She still has one of hers last I checked, but I still have all three of mine!  They are mixed with our Old English rooster, and I am so excited to see what they grow up to look like.  Here is a picture of them right after I found them:

Today we had another surprise with the addition of a new kitten to our family!  Hubby was driving home from work Wednesday when he heard a mew and stopped and finally procured a little orange kitten from under the car.  He brought it home, but it ran off into the woods and I thought that was that.  Well this morning the crazy thing was under the hood of the car again!  Hubby finally pulled him out and I brought him inside and immediately treated him proactively for worms and fleas and ticks and got some kitten formula down him.  He should be like new in no time!
Well that about does it for now for updates.  I am a busy woman trying to take care of my precious baby (first always of course), three chicks, and a dehydrated, emaciated kitten.  Life out here is never dull, and I love it that way!!

Here is one last picture of my little cutie:
Have a great day!!


  1. YAY! Baby photos!! He is adorable! All sorts of itty bitty, cute things at your house these days.


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