Spring. And things.

Good grief.  Over the course of the last couple of weeks, a LOT went on.  We had to make a mad dash across 3 (treacherously snowy) states to visit one of Ben's family members who is dealing with an unexpected and serious illness.  The Littlest Farmer had a routine doctor's appointment.  He weighs 20 pounds at 8 months!  He is a big boy!!  Teeth were cleaned.  It snowed and then snowed some more.  Trees were planted.  Church activities abounded.  Siri came back.  And Siri disappeared AGAIN.  And a week later she came back, AGAIN.  Where on earth is that crazy cat going?!  Oh, and the time changed.  Oh my.  It is plain weird how losing a single hour can make you question everything.  Haha!!  I have been SO sleepy lately!

Anyway, now I find myself finally getting 2 seconds to sit down to type only to find that it has been close to a month since my last post.  Goodness how time flies.  Here is a photo recap of the last few weeks!

This was the snow and ice on the roads at the end of our journey.  Most of the time wasn't too bad thankfully.  I am MOST thankful that we got over there and back safely.  There were moments that were very frightening, especially coming back home we hit a lot of black ice in Oklahoma City.  Semis surrounded us.  You get the picture.  I needed a blindfold.  Somehow hubby managed to navigate the icy roads with great skill.  I was proud!
 I can't brag enough on my boy.  He pretty much either slept or smiled the entire 24+ hour trip.  What a gem he is!!

This was the Littlest Farmer's second road trip, but it was by far the longest and the most condensed.  We covered hundreds of miles over the course of 3 days.

Today I received some free trees from a program going on here in Arkansas for residents who live on or near the river.  I was able to get them planted pretty easily which felt awesome.  I will have to get some pictures of the new trees soon, but as of right now they just look like dead twigs!  I just love being outside working when the weather is so beautiful.  I hope it sticks around!!

Have a great evening!


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