Fall is Coming to Little Bitty Life

Today was incredibly rainy... I am not sure how many inches we got in all but it was at least 2-3 inches.  But towards the end of the day, the sun popped out for just a bit which made it a perfect time to take pictures.  You see, tonight it is getting very cold for the first time this season and the leaves will be turning and the grass will be dying!  So I wanted to get the last of summer's green leaves and plants while I could.  I know tomorrow is not the technical "first day of fall", but for us it sure will be in terms of colder temps!
Some leaves are already starting to slowly turn.
Is he not just precious??  Love this pony!!
Sweet doggies.
Someone was having a bad hair day from the rain.  Heehee.
Someone else was in a picture mood today!
Grumpy geese followed me everywhere, protesting.
Gyppie in the trees.
Gyppie feeling good in the cool air!

I hope my roses last a while longer.
Sweet pony ears.
The grand finale of warm weather ended with a rainbow.  Fitting, I think.
Oh, and one other thing.  I have been wanting to try some essential-oil scented goat's milk soap for ages now!  I finally picked some up at the natural food store today.  It is citrus-mint scented.... such a soothing smell!!  I can't wait to use it!
Have a great rest of your weekend... and if it is going to get chilly where you are, stay warm!


  1. Such pretty photos! We've had tons of rain the last two days, too, and more on it's way today. So much rain that our son's soccer tournament was cancelled. They never do that!
    Can't say I'm glad cooler temps are coming. Old houses are hard to keep warm, but fall is a gorgeous time of year.

  2. Wow! Beautiful photos! Each one is worthy of stopping and looking at it for awhile ...and that's what I did! Thanks for posting them!

  3. Oooh, pretty photos! Especially your sweet chickens and cute little Gyppie :) It rained quite a bit here too over the weekend. Now we have cooled down a lot so it really feels like fall.

  4. Yes, the pictures are wonderful. I love fall colors. Your horse is cute also. We had rain over the weekend, still not enough to fill the streams and ponds back up. We are starting to get our colors here but we are two weeks behind schedule. Keep posting pictures of your beautiful land.

  5. Beautiful pictures. Everyone is adorable and your roses still look beautiful, enjoy it while it lasts :) I still have flowers too which is shocking but I know Mr. Frost is going to come and ruin that soon!

  6. Love the pictures! I love the picture of Gyppie in the tree. :) Have a great wkend!


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