World of Color

The leaves are just starting to change!!  I love this time of year!
The trees just near the chicken coop:
Oh and speaking of color...
Isn't he gorgeous?  Looks just like he did the day I brought him home from the fair!
Arwen being too cute not to photograph.
And speaking of breakfast.... someone was a little irritated with me being late to breakfast this morning.  Aura is letting me have it!
I know the video quality needs help and my porch is a mess (thank you chickens) but I thought this was just too cute and funny not to share.

Have a great day LBL readers!!  And thanks for all of your sweet comments.  :)


  1. Good heavens, they act like you starve them!
    Your rooster is gorgeous! For the first time ever, we didn't get any accidental roosters with our flock. While we're glad to not have one (They scare the kids, as we've had a couple attack the kids. Plus, I am not a fan of kids missing an egg, then cracking into a poor little chick when I go to make eggs for breakfast.), I do miss having such pretty birds to look at. And the cock-a-doodle-doing. I love that sound.

  2. That is the most striking rooster I've ever seen! He is so gorgeous! That video cracks me up because I know EXACTLY how that feels. My indoor cats bite me until I get up and feed them in the morning, and the outdoor cats are waiting right by the door for their food!

  3. Rooster looks gorgeous. Arwen looks so cute...

  4. That is some color, mostly from the rooster! :) Very nice looking guy. Arwen is absolutely adorable, what a face! video is too cute :)

  5. It's almost like your swinging door sounds like kitties in that video...haha. Beautiful photos! Looks like you have a neat fence set-up there! Sparks I think...he is very pretty!

  6. You take the best darn pictures, Lana! That rooster pic deserves to be on a farm calendar or something. Are you guys enjoying the fall weather so far? So gorgeous!


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