Baby and Doggy Outing!!

A couple days ago we took a ride with the Littlest Farmer and Jake to the park.  The weather has been just beautiful lately and we didn't want to miss out!!  Hubby has been crazy busy with two jobs AND full time school to get his Bachelor's (way to go hubby!!) and we were in need of some serious family time.

We didn't have room for both doggies so we started out taking Arwen.  However, ever since she was a pup she occasionally gets this weird thing where she drools like CRAZY in the car and nothing will stop it!!  So we had to turn around and switch her out for Jake instead.  Jake thoroughly enjoyed himself and behaved very well so we were very glad we got to take him.

Fun times!!  I wish the weather was like this year round!


  1. Yay photos! It looks like a gorgeous day. Glad you all got to enjoy it!
    That little guy is adorable! Jake's not so bad himself. :)

    1. Thank you, Christine! We sure had a blast. :) I wish this weather would stick around!


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