Summer's End

Summer is coming close to an end!  It makes me a little sad, because I just love summer and baby chicks and fresh garden 'maters.  But winter is sure to be filled with garden plans and seed starting.
My Morning Glories have done well this year!

First off, the fair is always at the end of summer and full of all sorts of critters I'd love to have:

Then we went on the very first road trip with the Littlest Farmer - he makes FIVE generations on one side of the family now!

On the other side of the family the Littlest Farmer makes four generations.  This is also the side I probably inherited my love of farm animals and gardening from, and hopefully my little boy will do the same!

Everyone is doing good here at home!  I currently have FOUR hens sitting.  Yes I said four.  I think I will leave them be - because unfortunately all the chicks from the surprise hatch earlier in August disappeared one by one.  I am hoping if I let these four hens hatch out what they've got surely I will end up with at least a few that make it to adulthood!

Engine, our little kitten that hubby found beneath his car after work, is doing quite well:

As you can see, his favorite thing to do is pester the older cats to no end:

Our little bitty baby farmer is doing wonderfully.  He gets more adorable every day!!  Life is good on the Little Bitty Farm.


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