We have been getting tons of rain, with last night being the most yet!  We don't have a rain gauge so I don't know the exact amount, but I know some locals have reported as much as 5 inches.  Wow!  We are so thankful for the rain and hopeful that it will keep the hay prices very low through the next year.

Here are some pictures of the woods that flooded - we have a wet-weather creek!
Flooded fields.
Wet weather creek.
Our temporary waterfall.
 All the animals are just fine, and of course Mrs. Potts kept her little precious chickies warm and dry.
Have a great day to all!


  1. UH oh! Glad everyone is OK, but it's been a lot of rain. We don't want it to quit forever, just a teeny break would be nice :)

  2. Yowzer! That's some rain! Hope you don't get too much more or there could be trouble! Glad the chicks are okay.


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