Clearly not the way to start a week...

Today turned out to be bathe the cats day.  It is not really what I had on the agenda this morning, but something I knew needed doing upon inspection of their fur.

I filled the bath about 1/3 full with nice, warm water.  But let's be honest, they still hate it!  I try to make it as quick as possible though.  I hardly ever bathe my cats, but sometimes there is a need for it.

And of course, I had to snap a few photos.  Poor kitties!!
"I'm never talking to you again."
Also, last night we came home from church to discover Bill must have had a mild bout of colic as he had not touched his hay.  We found a piece of landscape material had blown into his paddock and for some odd reason he chewed on it!  I was panicking... but as I watched him I realized he was in no pain, just acting his usual self.  Before long he was eating as normal.  THANK GOODNESS for that!!  Let's hope this week starts improving. Haha!

Have a great day to my followers!


  1. If looks could kill...good heavens that first cat is NOT happy.

    Glad Bill is OK. I do the same thing with our pigs, always afraid something really bad is happening when they are just fine.

  2. I can only imagine what it's like to bathe a cat - I don't think I've ever done it so kudos to you for being so brave!! And I'm glad that Bill is doing good and doesn't have colic!! What an interesting start to your week. Hope it's looking up today! :)

  3. Oh ick... I sure know it's easy to panic when things are off, especially when they don't want their food, that's like a huge alarm bell for the endless pits they can act like! I hope Bill has no more troubles. Trouble always seems to come in multiples, never on it's own.

  4. I've never actually given any of my cats a bath before, but I'd imagine it's hard work! I know they don't like going near the water so I don't know how I'd ever bathe them. I did get some wipes before that were supposed to clean their fur off, but they wouldn't even let me touch them with the wipes! Crazy cats.


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