Mr. Squirrel Visits and A Goosely Good Morning

Mr. Squirrel came for a visit just the other day... not sure what he was looking for.  He came really close to the house - I got this from just inside our doors - and he even hung out in the dog yard for a while!  Crazy thing.
The geese were none too impressed and honked in warning.  Mr Squirrel wasn't sure what to think of that, but when Mrs. Potts flared up at him and squawked, that was the last straw and he took off to higher, safer ground!

Speaking of geese, they have developed a nasty habit of pecking the back door harder, harder, and harder to the point of tearing up the trim!  Ahhh!  I have rigged up a temporary fence on one side of the house to keep them away, but I need to get a real fence put up on both sides.  You can see how we were awaken this morning...
Of course they pick the door that is missing a glass panel (knocked out from a rock flying out of the mower a few years back).  I am wondering if I am going to wake up one day to a big CRASH and find that panel not looking quite so solid.  Ugh.  Really need to get that thing repaired haha!

Well that about sums up the current happenings on our farm.
Have a lovely day to all!


  1. Sounds like those silly geese are getting to be quite bothersome, tearing up the door like that. It is funny that you have geese waking you up by pecking on the door, though. Just glad it's not me. :)

    We have brave squirrels around here, too. Probably because it is the one animal that the dogs have never been able to catch, though have tried many, many times. There is one running around without a tail, but still running!

    1. I have devised a plan to put a fence on either side of the house to keep the naughty geese out. Who knew they could be so destructive??

  2. HAHA! I lOVE these pictures, how adorable!

  3. That pic of the cat peeking out the window...priceless! :)


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