Meet Aura!

I haven't done a "Meet the Animals" post in ages!  Mostly because I feel like every time I do one, something bad happens to the animal I posted about.  I know it is silly, but seriously!  Let's hope no such luck befalls Aura today.

This is one of our kitty girls, Aura.  She is mostly claimed by Ben, as she is his favorite cat of all.

Aura is a little over two years old, sister to Chico who passed away earlier this year.  She is the daughter of Pearl, who we also still own.

Aura as a kitten:

Most of the cats don't get along too well with Aura, as she seems to be a bit of a whiner.  Pearl puts up with her, but that's about it.  Haha!

Aura and Pearl in a mood.
The sweet days when Siri and Aura got along lol!
When Aura was about a year old, she got in a tangle with something.  To this day we aren't sure what it was, either fence or animal or car, but she went missing all day.  I knew something was up so I told Ben when he came home.  Thank goodness he went to look for her, heard yowling, and found her in the woods with a large gash on her leg.  She couldn't move and was very weak.  Ben quickly brought her up to the house where I inspected her leg that was torn open down to the tendon.  I immediately started her on kitten milk replacer, fish oil, and colloidal silver.  I used the colloidal silver both in her milk and on the actual wound itself (it is an excellent antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral).  After many days and constant care, Aura began to heal.  Today you can't even tell which leg was injured!  I was so happy she healed up so nicely.  (Had she shown any signs of infection, I'd have taken her to the vet.  However, the colloidal silver must have done the trick!)

After the ordeal, she lost a fair amount of hair on her back (a strange side effect cats sometimes get when going through stress).  She has always been slightly bald in that area, which is a little odd looking.  But we love her anyway!
Pretty girl.

Making friends with Bill.
Aura loves to lounge on the porch and watch the chickens go by.  Life is good for this kitty, and hopefully her past rough experience has taught her not to leave the safety of our home!

Lounging on the porch with Mamma Pearl.
I hope you enjoyed meeting Aura today!


  1. Nothing bad will happen!! I so enjoyed these photos, so adorable - so much cuteness and then... the picture of Aura and Bill, over the top cuteness!!

  2. Awww, she is a beauty! I love her being sweet with the other animals, especially that photo of her and Siri. I'm so glad you were able to treat her wound and she recovered completely. I bet that does make her want to stay close to home! That last shot is too cute :)


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