Farewell, Petrie

Petrie and Scarlet
Since bringing home our new Old English rooster (Spark) from the fair, he and Petrie were not getting along.  They had to be separated so that they would not fight.  Of course, this caused all sorts of chicken drama.  I can't have Petrie inbreeding my chickens over and over again, so I put him and his favorite girl in their own pen.  However, his girl (Scarlet) somehow managed to get out of this very secure pen... she wanted no part of it.  This left poor Petrie alone.  He seemed completely fine, but I felt bad for him.  He has been a great rooster and it just didn't seem right for him not to get to free range and have his own flock.  I really intended to keep him until he died of old age, but sometimes something better comes along!

At church last week, I found out a friend of mine has a bunch of hens and wants a rooster!  I was so excited.  We packed Petrie up last night and sent him home to his new girls.  I know he will be very happy, much happier than here where we weren't quite sure what to do with him!  I will miss the old guy, my first-ever rooster.  He was so good at being a protector!  But I know he will be just as wonderful to his new set of girls.
Petrie at front, sons behind him.


  1. Aww, I'm so glad you found a good home for Petrie! It's too bad that roosters just can't get along. But I know he will be very happy at his new home with all sorts of girls to chase around!

  2. Glad Petrie has a new home. I'm sure he will be very happy there!

  3. Chicken drama - love it! Glad Petrie is happy:)


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