Our 2013 Camping Trip!!

Since before I can remember, my family has always gone camping in the beautiful hills and streams of Shores Lake, Arkansas.  It has been great fun for my sister and I to grow up and bring our husbands to this place and hopefully one day our children can enjoy it as well.  We always enjoy going sooo much, and miss it terribly when we leave.  There is no place like it for me on earth - so secluded and beautiful.  Besides, camping is one of the best ways to spend lots of quality family time.  Everything from swimming to hiking to fishing is a "group sport" - no cell service or bills or traffic or the other billion things real life distracts you with out here.

I know I have a LOT of pictures.  But that is because I love it out here so much and I wanted to bring back a little piece of our wonderful vacation to my readers!  So find your sense of adventure and get ready to hike through the thick forests, dive in the creek, or venture to the edge of a cliff to see a breathtaking view...

Shores Lake
Our camp in the middle of the woods!
Dry creek bed.
Beautiful gold and orange leaves.
Our place of abode.
Forest floor.
So peaceful!!

Ben and Cody on the trail.
On a little hike...

Fire side.
Julia writing something...
Me cookin' up some gravy for breakfast!
Sunshine and smoke.
Our swimmin' hole!
See the fishies?
The water was SO clear as you can see!!

We love to swim!
Jake having a good ol' time.

Jake loved swimming, too!
Ben looking over the cliff.  I was too chicken!

Mountain kiss!

Ben fishin'

Dad with the Bass he caught!

Our camp at night.  I love the way it looks from afar!

Good bye beautiful hills and streams and lakes!  Hopefully next year we will return again, only this time for even longer.  :)  One can only hope!  

We returned safely home yesterday evening.  Jake and Arwen were pretty excited to be home!  Bill stayed at my Mom and Dad's with their horses while we were away, so he had a little vacation too.  Also, one of Mrs. Potts' first babies of this year started crowing while we were away!  I heard him just this morning.

Have a lovely day, all!


  1. Your pictures are fantastic! No wonder you love visiting this place so much. It looks so beautiful and peaceful there. It's my kind of vacation :)

    1. Thank you! It is a wonderful place. You truly feel like a part of it after a few days!

  2. Your photos actually make me miss Arkansas. (My husband and I lived there for about 6 months right after we were married.)
    Such a beautiful place. A family tradition like this is a blessing, indeed.

    1. How cool, I did not know that! It truly is a blessing, one I am so very thankful for.

  3. Gorgeous. I love Arkansas! I pinned half your pictures to Pinterest - LOL.

    1. LOL - glad you liked them enough to pin them, that is sweet of you. I love Arkansas, too - it is where I belong!

  4. Those photos are absolutely STUNNING. You have a real talent there. So pleased you had such a gorgeous time. What a wonderful holiday :)

    1. Awww thank you. You are too kind. :D

  5. I love all these pictures. Makes me want to go camping now! I love the outdoors and being smack dab in the middle of God's creation. Glad you had a wonderful time, friend! Cute pics of you and your husband, too!


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