Mommy Post Monday - Labor and Delivery Nurse Thank-You Bags

There is a saying I heard once... "It is never wrong to be kind."  I have thought of that saying many times since I heard it, and it is in that vein that I share the idea of thanking your nurses!

When people ask me about my labor and delivery experience, I would say I got out of it everything I had hoped for: a beautiful healthy baby boy!!  But I also like to mention how great my nurses were.  They. Were. Awesome!!

Like, really awesome.

And I truly believe they would've been awesome no matter what, but this just MIGHT have helped....

Yes that is right.  At abut 37 weeks pregnant and ready to pop, I made up some pretty elaborate nurse thank you packets.  Did I do it to get good nurses?  Well if I am being honest, that was part of it.  But the biggest part of it was that I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the women responsible for helping me bring my precious child into this world.

Nurses need a thank you now and then.  Everyone does really, in my opinion, but this was my chance to really thank nurses.  They see gross things, touch gross things, do all sorts of gross things during their careers, and I figure maybe I could just be the sort of patient that they'd all fight over.

And I was.  Yes, they actually told me they fought over us!!  I thought that was so sweet.

So you wanna know the magic ingredients in our thank you packet?  Well here ya go!  You're welcome!!

1. Gum
2. Chocolate
3. Breath mints that said "baby boy" on them.
4. A tiny framed "Keep Calm and Nurse On" print out that my hubby designed just for the occasion. (Looks great on a desk!)
5. Bottle of lotion.
6. Candle.
7. Chapstick.
8. A thank you card, telling each nurse how much we appreciate her part in bringing our precious boy into the world.

Everything you can purchase from a dollar store to keep the price down, and of course you can take out some items or even think up your own.  Feel free to comment with anything else you think would be good to add for a nurse - I am always on the look out to add to this little package!

Also in case anyone wonders, I think I made up about 10-12 of these packets and had none to spare.  We actually were short a few packages which I felt so bad about!  Next time I might try making 15.

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  1. You might be the nicest person I've ever met. It never dawned on me to do anything like this!

    1. Aww thanks. Honestly it probably would never have dawned on me either until I heard the idea on Pinterest and decided to put my own twist on it! It was such fun. :)

  2. What a great idea! And so sweet of you to do!

    1. Thanks, Christina! I truly enjoyed it. Saying thank you to a bunch of ladies so special was a true joy!


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