Whimsical Wednesdays: What I Really Need in Life

My prayer today....
Precious moments.
My prayer is that God gives me what I need to serve him. Give me what I need to raise an obedient child who is kind, caring, and compassionate towards others.  Give me what I need to cultivate a marriage that glorifies God.  Give me what I need to be a soft place to land for those in hard times, a shoulder to lean on.  Give me what I need to obtain an eternal reward of peace.  These things are worth so much more to me than any riches, comforts, or pleasures of this life. Often what I think I need is not what I need at all.  What I, my son, or my family may need is a good dose of hardships and trial to mold us into what we should be... to learn this life is not about "me".  So in this way, I am learning to be thankful for struggles.  Nice things last but a moment.  Eternal life is forever.


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