Whimsical Wednesdays: If I Had a Million Dollars

Heidi's Wandering's had a cute little challenge asking her readers what you would do if you were given one million dollars today.  Well I thought that sounded like fun!  So here we go...

1.  I think it would be awesome to just go out and have fun doing crazy things - like leaving a waitress/waiter a HUGE tip, buy someone else's groceries in the checkout line... just find all sorts of ways to give to people that don't have.

2.  We would pay off our house.  My husband and I are all about being "debt free" and this would be a great way to get on board with that!!

3.  I would buy each of my family members a new car.  We have all had really bad car troubles lately and I think all of us could just use something big and nice and new!!

4.  We would invest some in order to for it to grow so that we could benefit from it for years to come.

5.  You had to know this was coming - I would want to purchase some land and get me some horses and goats and llamas and who knows what all else!  And a big fat barn to house them in!!  Wee!  I am dreaming big here!

6.  I think it would be fun to re-do parts of our house like the bathroom, and add things like a fire place to the living room.

7.  I'd take me and my mom and sister on a big clothes shopping spree and spa day!!  We could all use some new clothing and relaxation!

8.  Finally I would probably go on a big vacation with my family for a couple of weeks to somewhere warm with a beach.  And by the end of that I will have probably spent my million all up!  

Well that was fun!  How would you spend a million bucks?


  1. You left the best part for the last . . . . . . go on a big vacation.


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