Thrilling Thursdays: A Mid-January Stroll

I think I have always struggled with photography in the depths of winter.  So I tried something a little different, adding some stark editing to my photos.  The Littlest Farmer and I along with the grandparents took a walk around their place since the weather was so nice one day last week.

They look a little weird to me, like something out of a strange dream, but it was fun anyway!  I might have to give it another try next week.

Sweet baby!!
It was SO nice to be outside for a decent period of time, but it got pretty cold once the sun went down so we had to head back in again.  Come on spring, I am already ready for you!!


  1. The temperatures over the past week certainly beckoned us outside! It was so nice. I have seen some robins already, which is a great sign for spring!

  2. Yes I am very excited. I am no fan of winter cold so an early spring is fine by me!


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