Tuesday Tales - Spark the Rooster's Adventures at Little Bitty Life, Chapter 4

"BILL?!"  I squawked.

"BILL?!" Jake barked.

"I don't believe it!!" The fox said in awe.

Bill the pony tossed his head and reared, lashing his sharp hooves out before him as the lightening struck again.  He bared his teeth and galloped into the middle of the coyote pack.

"OUT!!" He neighed, stomping the ground with his front hooves.  He kicked and bucked, the coyotes dashing out of his way.  Well, the lucky ones anyway.  Some received a kick to the side or head and let out a yelp as they ran off.

After Bill had sufficiently dispersed the coyote pack, he tossed his head and looked at us, standing dumbfounded before him.

"Let's get out of here!"  He said, and turned on his hindquarters towards home.

"Come on!"  Jake said to me.  I hopped up on his shoulders and off we went, leaving Mr. Fox behind us on the trails.  We dashed through the woods quick as we could, the storm had rolled in right on top of us.  But thankfully, before long, my chicken eyes spotted the big barnyard.

"Why don't you all stay in the barn tonight?  At least until the storm passes."  Bill said.  Jake and I nodded.  I hopped down from Jake's shoulders and took off to the hen house to lead them to the barn.  Jake would notify Arwen and the cats.

Once we were safely inside Bill's warm barn, we chickens began to oil our feathers and dry out.  Arwen and Jake arrived with the slightly soaked cats, and each of us took comfortable places on hay bales to wait out the storm.

"Oh have we a tale to tell!"  I crowed.  And until the storm cleared and the sun shone again, I recounted our grand adventures on the fox trails that day.

Then, a hen interrupted me.

"Spark?"  She clucked.

"What do you want, Gladdice?  Can't you see I'm telling a story?"  I snapped.

"I just thought you might like to know that the new shipment of chicks is supposed to arrive tomorrow.  I overheard!"

"New recruits?!  Excellent!  It is about time!"  Boy was I excited.  You see, chicks born to one of my hens is the hen's job to raise.  But new chicks that arrive from the post man?  Yup.  Mine.  All mine!

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