An All American Day!

 Yesterday we celebrated the 4th of July!!  Yesterday marked the 237th birthday of the Declaration of Independence which was adopted on July 4, 1776. 

To celebrate, we had an all-American day.  We cooked out, had pie and watermelon, and then we went to watch a little baseball and fireworks.  (Sorry my font is acting up... not sure why it is not cooperating!) 

Dad smoked chicken and fish!
Our lovely centerpiece!
Patriotic cookies.

Getting ready to eat!  Sad I forgot to get Dad in the picture lol...


An all-American kiss!
Watching baseball before the fireworks...
They were so pretty!

The Grand Finale!!!
We had such a great time!  It was a wonderful, very relaxing day.


  1. What a cute post! I loved the pictures. Looks and sounds like a great holiday! :)


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