Today was another beautiful day on the Little Bitty Farm!  We got a bit of a cool front so this morning was nice.  (Still no rain though, sad.)

Our tomatoes are getting closer and closer to being ripe!!  We had one ripe one a few weeks ago and now the rest of the tomatoes are finally starting to look ready.  I am going to stuff myself silly!
In other news, Bill got a much-needed hoof trim yesterday.  I try to get him trimmed about every 8 weeks but because we got busy and our farrier was out of town for awhile, it got pushed out longer than I would have liked.
Sweet Bill looking gorgeous.
Pretty hooves!
Slightly dirty but healthy pony hoof.
Some of the feathered friends wanted to say hi...
Dalia - "I hope she is getting my good side."
"Senor Weedeater, at your service."
Have a lovely day to all my readers! 


  1. Glad Bill got a trim! :) That is one good looking weedeater you got there!

    1. Haha, I think he is pretty good looking too. I say "he"... we still won't know for a while what their genders are. It drives me a little crazy!

  2. Hi, Lana! What kind of chickens are those? They're gorgeous!

    1. They are Appenzellar Spitzhaubens! (Quite a mouthful lol.) They are my most favorite breed of chicken, ever because they are just so beautiful and really unique. They are hard to find out here, though! I had to order them through a hatchery and unfortunately I recently lost my only rooster so I am on the lookout for another roo so I can start breeding them myself!

  3. We finally got rain today, yippee! I hope you get some soon. We almost gave up hope when our clouds began to break up today at noon, then all of a sudden the storm circled around and dumped on us. Maybe you should try doing a special rain dance, lol. All kidding aside, I do hope rain comes your way soon.


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