Fallen Tree, Parasite Control, and the Chicken Mouser

As is the normal fashion for things to go around here, LOTS going on lately!!  First off, hubby came home the other evening to find this blocking our driveway:

The tree was cleared away by Ben and our helpful neighbors.
I had heard a loud booming sound just a few minutes before Ben called to tell me about the tree, but I had no idea (when I heard the sound) that it was a tree falling.  And it was such a pretty, windless day too!  Not a day you would suspect a tree to fall.  I am SO thankful that Ben was running a little behind and came home a little later than usual that day, because he could have been going under the tree just as it was falling!  So terrifying!

Yesterday, we worked on getting all the critters de-wormed and treated for fleas and ticks.  The doggies, chickens, cats, and pony all got a taste of the wonderful thing that is wormer paste/solution.  Yuck!
All the wormers and  also Frontline for the doggies and kitties.

Jake's "shameful dewormer" face.  Haha!
Jake acts like dewormer is the next worse thing to death.  It is hilarious what a big deal he makes out of it!

Lastly, I came home to find this just this morning:

Yes, that is one of our Spitz hens eating a mouse!!  YUCK!  Who knew chickens ate mice?!  Glad I just got them wormed...

I think that covers it for today.  Have a wonderful 4th of July tomorrow to all my US readers!  I am hoping to get some awesome fireworks photos!!


  1. So, if a tree falls in the forest, and someone is there to hear it but doesn't know it's a tree...yep, it still fell.
    The chicken was eating the mouse?!?!?! Never heard of that before! You deworm the chickens? We've never done that before. Huh.

  2. OMG! So glad that tree didn't hurt anything. Big storms rolled through and a huge tree limb from one of our trees fell onto our neighbors garage this week. Fortunately, it doesn't look like it did any damage.

    Yep, hens will tear a mouse limb from limb. Bad luck for any meeses that try to steal their food!

  3. I've been on parasite patrol here. Everyone gets treated regularly but it's been quite a year for pests with the super wet ground. It's kind of handy when chickens do catch mice and clean up :) The bantams seem to be the real crazy ones for catching stuff, I couldn't believe it the first time I saw it, they are so fast! Always fun when a tree falls over the driveway, especially if you are in a hurry to go somewhere! :)


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