Heavy Storms and High Winds!

Last night we were blessed with heavy rain!  We are very thankful.  However, along with the rain came high winds and lightening.  I am so glad that nothing appears to have been damaged and the animals are all just fine.  There is still the low rumble of thunder in the distance, so we may be getting some more after a while!  
The storm didn't scare Gyppie!  She's so pretty.
Jakey Bo hates storms!
I thought these were pretty... they grow on the dog fence each year.

Rain clouds moving out.

A rainbow!  This was taken a couple of days ago during another storm.
So it would seem we are certainly caught up on rain!  Hopefully other places were caught up as well and hay prices will stay low this year.  Last year we bought square hay bales for 10$/bale, this year I bought even better quality ones for only $4/bale!!  Let's hope that trend keeps going!


  1. We had a wonderful storm on Saturday. Pouring rain, thunder and lightening galore. Plus, it has brought some much appreciated cooler weather. That's a big drop in the hay price! Hope it continues for you.

    1. I love relieving cool spells in a hot summer. And I hope the hay prices continue, too!! Makes owning a menagerie of animals sooo much cheaper.


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