Wishing For Rain

Boy has it been hot and DRY!  We need some rain so badly.  All of the green grass in the fields and in our yard has started turning yellow.  Bill has almost snipped off everything green he could find in the woods and I am having to let him out for longer periods now and give him more hay.  

We did have some storms just slightly south of us today.  We had hoped they would bring some much needed relief, but they are breaking down now and have not moved our way.  Sad!!

I did get a good shot of the pretty sky though!
Sky on fire!
Some beautiful flowers growing in the heat.
The chickies all tucked in for the night.
Nothing much new to report right now, I have just been super busy getting adjusted to my new job.  I think I am going to find a good rhythm soon, so that is good so that I will be able to blog more.  Have a lovely evening, all!


  1. We've been missed by the monsoon rains around us too. The first rain of the season (and only one so far) was what started the Yarnell Hills Fire here in Arizona. Lightening from that storm caused the fire.

    Every day I feel the humidity rise in the mornings, thinking it is going to rain today...but it doesn't. I had to add shade to my garden to help it handle this hot weather without our usual rain to cool it down.

    Hope you get some rain soon too :-)

    1. We need to do a rain dance! Tee hee wouldn't that be a sight.

  2. We're having the exact opposite problem in Pittsburgh right now - constant rain and terrible storms. Our back yard was even flooding yesterday, which never happens since we have a decent drainage system. Hopefully the rain starts moving south!

    1. Wow! I sure do wish you could share. I'd love some of that rain! Hope you guys don't have any more flooding, flooding is no good at all.

  3. I wish I could send you some of our rain! Hope you get some soon. Glad you are starting to get adjusted to the new job:)


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