Tuesday Tales - Spark the Rooster's Adventures at Little Bitty Life, Chapter 5

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I woke up early this morning because today I am a flurry of excitement.  According to Gladdice, one of the hens here at Little Bitty Life, the postman is arriving TODAY!  With chicks!!

"All right everybody!"  I crowed across the barnyard. "As you have all heard by now I am sure, the postman is bringing our chicks today."

"What's a postman?" Engine the cat mewed aloud.  Clearly he is new around here.  Arrived about 6 months ago under the hood of Mr. Farmer's car.... hence his name.

"A postman is a most wonderful thing," I explained, "He brings us farm things from afar when he has seen that we have been good little chickens and kitties and doggies."

"AND ponies!" Bill piped up.

"Yes, that too."  I said, remembering the giant bouncing ball the postman once brought Bill.  Ponies enjoy the strangest things.

"Now I need everyone's cooperation for the parade!" I clucked. "When the postman arrives, we must give him a fine welcome.  We must let him know we appreciate him, after all, or he may never come back."

In a bustle of feathers and fur and paws and claws, we each took our places along the entrance driveway up to the farm.  The hens sat in a huddle, clucking and laughing like hens do.  Siri the calico cat had managed to work the lock on the dog yard so Arwen and Jake were there, panting happily in the sunshine.  Bill even decided to attend, carrying a big bucket of oats to munch on until go-time.  The cats were here and there, acting like they could care less but I knew the truth.

We were all excited!!

The squirrels even took a place in the trees overhead to chatter about what was happening down below.

I kept an eye on the turn off to Little Bitty Farm.  Looking for that old white truck that the postman drove.  Looking... looking...

"HE'S HERE!!!!!" I flapped my wings and crowed.


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