Barnyard Blessings

There is nothing quite like living in the country and being surrounded by nothing but the hum of bumble bees and a chorus of songbirds.  No cars whizzing by, no horns honking, and no sky scrapers in sight! So today, I though I would put together a list of countrified blessings.  See if you can add to my list!

(All pictures are my own.) 
One of my rose bushes last summer.

Morning dew.
I love fresh strawberries, wet puppy dog noses, and the sound of a cat purring.  I adore the smell of hay, the sound of cows chomping grass, of new chicks peeping and pecking their way into life.  I love a warm summer’s morning, but also a crisp winter’s eve.  Can’t you just hear it - the hoot of an owl, the howl of a coyote, or the mourning of a rain crow?  Can you see the mixture of colors from the cardinal, the goldfinch, and the blue bird all hanging around the birdfeeder?  Behold, the sight of rainbows, thunderstorms, and a swift running creek…. a bald eagle soaring over head, a chickadee gathering seeds, or a robin searching for worms!  Don’t you love waking up to the crow of a rooster and farm fresh eggs? I love sticking my hands in the cool dirt to garden and bringing from the ground my very own fruits and vegetables.  I love the welcome whinny from my pony in the mornings and the feel of a new day.  There is so much more I could list!  I LOVE the country life!!

Pearl's blue eyes.
Let us all give thanks for our many wonderful blessings today!

Psalms 79:13 – “But we your people, the sheep of your pasture, will give thanks to you forever; from generation to generation we will recount your praise.”

Ben and I just after we bought our home in NWA!

Now I also have a list of things that are sometimes less-than-great about the country, but I will save that one for another post.  It might be a bit more humorous haha!    


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