Hello, my name is...

Well, I'll get this thing started by telling you a bit about myself.  I'll try not to be too long-winded, so don't get your drawers in a wad.

Anyway, I'm Lana and my husband is Ben.  I am a simple girl who grew up in the hills of Northwest Arkansas on plenty of sunshine and wild blackberries.  My dream was to marry a good man and to call a piece of land my own, and well, I got all that and more!  We live in a little house just off a dirt road in a tiny cove of trees.  It's nothing fancy, but I love it.  I am a work-at-home medical transcriptionist, so we don't make a whole lot of money, but we get by.

So now, I'll invite you to take a peek into my feather-flying, vegetable-raising, hay covered little bitty life for just a while.  So sit back, relax in a rocking chair, and get some iced tea 'cause this thing is just gettin' started!


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