Yesterday's Happenings

Whew.  Yesterday was a pretty crazy day 'round here!  For starters, I looked outside to see this:

Chico, Aura, and Pearl had congregated around the bird feeder because somehow a bird got stuck behind the glass panels.  As you can see, Chico did his best to catch 'em but I ran outside and set the bird free before anything happened.  Naughty cats!

Then we lost 1 of our 16 chicks which was very sad, but it happens sometimes.  Sniff, sniff.  It was one of the Golden-Laced Cochins.  Rest in peace little chickie! 

Later in the day, Ben decided to buy some potatoes so we could get them planted.  He bought a few Red Potomac and some Red Lasodas: 

We are pretty new to gardening still, so hopefully we did everything right!  We are always learning lots of new things.  First, we cut our potatoes in pieces:

I have heard that it is wise to wait a day before you plant the pieces, but we decided to go ahead and plant them today before the weather gets nasty.

 We planted our potatoes in a bed of 1/3 compost manure, 1/3 straw, and 1/3 plain ol' dirt.  This is what worked well for us last year so we are doing it again!

While Ben took care of planting potatoes, I had a look at our radishes and onions.  They are lookin' purty good so far:

And finally, I gathered some eggs!

What a busy day we had!!  What was your day like yesterday?


  1. Love that picture of ornery Chico! ! Yesterday I spent the night cutting coupons, tossing expired ones, and looking over this weeks ads. I'm getting ready for the big shopping trip next weekend!

  2. I hope you are getting ready to post a blog on coupons soon, too! I wanna see it!! It would be so neat. :)


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