Top Knot Update and Freeze Proofing

Howdy fellow farmers, gardeners, and chicken lovers!

Today I wanted to update you on the progress of the topknots on my favorite chickens, the Appenzellar Spitzhaubens:

At three weeks.
Today, at four weeks! 

It is crazy how fast these pretty babies grow!  That topknot is comin' along just beautifully, don't you think?  Can't wait to see it when it is a full crown.  Gorgeous birds, just gorgeous.  It is amazing to me how that these birds look so pretty even during the "adolescent" stage where most chickens look... well... less than glamorous haha!


On a side note, it got REALLY cold last night!!  I am not sure exactly how low it got, but I want to say somewhere in the low 20s.  I had to bring in my flowers inside and we covered our radishes and onions with straw and cardboard (had to put some straw on top of the cardboard because of the awful wind):

Covering the onions!
My pretty Petunias.


Then I thought I'd take some pictures of my budding bushes.  I hope they make it through this bad freeze spell:

Honey suckle budding.

Rose bush budding.
That's all for today, folks!  Chicky Bean wants to say "KEEP WARM!"



  1. funny way of freeze proofing.LOL.

    1. Funny maybe, but all my radishes and onions look great even though it got down in the low 20s here. How do you freeze-proof?


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