The Double Basset Dilemma

It was a typical harebrained morning for me that day in early September.  I was typing along on my medical reports, contemplating the proper spelling of aspergillus, when out of the corner of my eye somethin’ moved.  I took a closer look and was surprised to see two floppy-eared basset hounds meandering their way across my lawn looking lost and mighty hungry.  I immediately went outside to investigate.  My free range chickens and cats don’t take too well to visiting dogs!

“Hey there, pups!”  I called and then whistled.  “Come ‘ere!”

The friendly little things just came right over, tails wagging and tongues lolling.  One of ‘em looked a little older and had a worn, tattered collar (no ID tags) on him and the younger-looking one did not.  I suspected that they must belong to someone so I decided to put them in one of our big dog pens so they would be safe... you see, I didn’t want them ending up like basset flap jacks on the highway below.  I set out food and water and it was apparent they hadn’t eaten in some time.  They could hardly get enough down their craws!  I left them to eat and rest to do some research on who their owners might be. 

I checked various lost and found websites, posted an ad online, and made up a simple flyer to take down to our local gas station.  When the hubby got home from work, we went out to have another look at them.  They had sad, long eyes but happy tails!  Hubby decided to name the older one Merl and the younger one Carl.  It seemed fitting!

^ Carl is on left and Merl is jumping up on the right.

Unfortunately, we started to run into a little trouble with our friends Merl and Carl.  After having posted ads everywhere, we weren’t getting a response.  We asked all our neighbors and checked the local newspapers and even the vet clinic.  To make matters worse, it was becoming apparent that Carl and Merl didn’t care for cats and since cats are a big part of life out here on our funny farm, that was not gonna fly!  When one of my sweet kitties walked past their pen, the bassets would bellar like a weaned calf and scare ‘em to death.  We tried calling a local radio with lost and found ads, and that didn’t work either.  It was looking like maybe Carl and Merl had just been abandoned by someone.  We wasn’t sure what we was gonna do!  We already had two dogs, and that’s all of that we needed.  Merl and Carl just couldn’t stay – but where in blue blazes could they go?

 ^Taken just before another family backed out on adopting Merl and Carl.

I finally decided to list the forlorn pups as “Free to Good Home” online.  I got a few responses.  Unfortunately though, we had issues where someone would say they wanted Merl and Carl and for us to meet them halfway, so we’d load them up and go down the road but only to be cancelled on last minute.  The nerve of some city folks!  I was beginnin’ to feel like we were at a complete loss when I found out a friend of mine, Jared, was looking for a companion of the K-9 sort.  

I’ll never forget the day Jared came to see Merl and Carl.  As soon as Jared entered the yard, the dogs went haywire.  Their tails wagged and their bodies wriggled!  Jared reached down to pet the dogs and the dog we named “Merl” put his paws on his Jared’s knees and they looked right into each other’s eyes.  It looked like Merl was saying “take me home”!  And that is just what Jared did.  He smiled and pointed to show that he wanted Merl.  Jared pulled out a new doggy harness that he had bought and we got Merl all hooked up and started to walk him to Jared’s truck.  Inside the truck was a seat all ready for Merl to hop into, complete with a warm fuzzy dog bed!  Merl curled right up in the seat and looked so pleased.  My mission to find the bassets a new home was nearly over!

After successfully finding Merl a new home, I now focused on Carl.  I had a lady who emailed and said she wanted her own basset and Carl to meet to see if they would get along.  So we loaded Carl up again but THIS time, we didn’t get cancelled on!  Carl met his new friend in the Tractor Supply parking lot.  With their stubby tails just a-wagging, it was obvious they would be great friends!  It was a happy day as we bade farewell to the last of our basset dilemma.  Both doggies ended up in happy homes with all the food and water they could ever want, with nary a fear of being abandoned or lost again!

I wasn’t able to keep in contact with Carl’s new owner since I didn’t know her from Adam, but since I am good friends with Jared I get updates on Merl all the time.  Jared actually changed Merl’s name to Justin, which I think fits him real nice!!  Justin now lives a life of leisure with lots of care and love.  Take a look and see for yourself!

                         ^ Justin goes on road trips with Jared!
                      ^Justin is a blur playing in his big backyard.

                                       What a happy pup!

It’s not hard to see that Justin is one content little doggy!

Ahh, don’t you just love a happy, tail wagging ending?


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