Garage Sale Treasures

Alrighty!  Here is the lineup from yesterday's treasure hunting.  A am so pleased with what I found!!  We visited nine garage sales to find the following items.  The price total is at the bottom. (Also, I found all the garage sales on Craigslist so I didn't even have to spend money on a paper!)

I am always looking for cheap flower pots because they are outrageously expensive in stores.  Here is what I found!

3 beautiful blue pots!

4 adorable owl pots!  So cute.
Another thing I often look for are cute home decor items.  I was needing a lamp for my computer desk and this little guy fit the bill perfectly!  AND it came with a working light bulb:
Lamp for my desk.
So this wheelbarrow was quite a find!  I have needed one for a looong time but in stores wheelbarrows usually range from 75-100$ or more.  I got this little baby complete with unfinished bags of rose food, mulch, white gravel, top soil, lime, fertilizer, and grass seed for TEN BUCKS!!!  Woo hoo!!  It also came with an extension for my water hose which I was really needing.  This is why garage sale shopping is so fun!  You never know what you are gonna come up with. 

I got this cute outfit:
A couple of nice glasses.

Mortar and pestle for grinding herbs and such!
 Quite a productive day if I do say so myself!  I was so happy with my finds.  I also got a sparkly picture frame, doggy nail clippers, and a how-to-cook-chicken cookbook which are not pictured.  

The total for all of these items was $31.20!!!!  Can you say AWESOME?!


  1. AWESOME !


    I got two blu ray dvds, still wrapped, of Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale for £5 at the charity shop - apparently the person who bought them in, didn't have a blu ray player? I do so thank you kind person as that is our weekend film night sorted for the next two weeks :-)

    1. Nice!! Those are the kinds of deals I love. :) Cheap but just like new!

  2. Awesome from me too! What a great haul of useful stuff!

  3. Thanks! I thought so, too. Thanks for stopping by - we hope you will come back soon! I will be checking out your blog/diary later as well. :)


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