Mommy Post Monday: My Hospital Bag Must-Have's

My Labor and Delivery Hospital Bag Must-Haves 

1. Electronics and chargers: Your camera, phone, and/or laptop.  For us, the laptop was nice to bring for a few reasons.  One being that we ended up being in the hospital for 4 days, so in order to share pictures of the Littlest Farmer with others off of our old DSLR camera the laptop was needed. 

2. Quarters. It is so nice to have a bunch of quarters for the snack machines and Coke machine!  Judge me if you want, but after having the Littlest Farmer I wanted some pretty fattening feel-good foods from the snack machines at all strange hours of the night.  And hubby kindly obliged!

3. Super soft socks of the prettiest kind. You are gonna be uncomfortable in all sorts of ways. Let your feet be warm and happy at least. 

4. A robe. Hospital gowns sometimes just need a little help when it comes to good coverage. A robe is so useful!  I used mine a LOT.

5. Nursing sleep bra. Anything else with more support than a sleep bra was very uncomfortable while I was trying adjust to feeding a tiny human. COMFORT is KEY. 

6. Your going home outfit: I suggest wearing the *most* comfortable thing home, and a skirt instead of pants. I have heard some women can wear pants home just fine, but not I.  It was a nightmare. I wished I would have brought a skirt.

7. Nursing pillow. I just ended up using pillows that the hospital provided, but some find a nursing pillow very useful. 

8. Slippers. You might have to do a lot of walking either during labor or after birth for various reasons. Slippers with a non-slide bottom are a must. 

9. File folder. They will give you tons of papers and instructions after you go home from the hospital, and this can help contain everything. 

10. Toiletries. It is soooo nice after a long labor to hop into the hospital shower and be able to use nice shampoo, conditioner, body soap and to simply brush your teeth. Also bring makeup and hair tools to fix your hair. You won’t regret and it will make you feel so much better about yourself!! Don’t forget to be sure your hubby brings his toiletries, too. Don’t forget the deodorant! 

11. Contact lenses/glasses. You want to be able to see everything. Bring your contacts!! 

12. Lanolin. If you are going to try breastfeeding, lanolin is a life saver. Get a big tube of it from Wal-mart and apply it generously as needed.  The hospital did provide some for me, but it was precious little and I would have appreciated a LOT more!

13. Clothing for your family. This includes clothes for hubby and clothes for newborn baby. Bring more than one change of clothing for both, because you don’t know how long you will be there. 

14. Chapstick. If you are in hours of labor, this is sooo nice. 

15. Hairbands and clips. To keep that pesky hair out of the way when you need it out of the way!

Happy delivery!  Think positive thoughts.  :)


  1. Little farmer's real name is in this post!

    1. Ahhh!! This is why we are friends. LOL. I must have been having a total brain lapse last week!!

  2. Funny how some things changed. We didn't even have cell phones when our babies were born. Not a charger to be found! :)


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