Whimsical Wednesdays: Budgeting of Money, Time, and Eating

One of my biggest resolutions this year has had to do with budgeting... from about every sort of angle imaginable.  I think teaching ourselves that we need to have self control when it comes to food, money, and our time can make us happier people.  I think it already has for me!  I have a LONG way to go and I will never be perfect at mastering the art of budgeting, but I am going to give it my best try.

Budgeting Money

Learning to budget money, I think, is one of the keys to being able to enjoy it and not allowing it to control you.  After a very rough past few years for us we have a long way to go in this area, but we really enjoy listening to Dave Ramsey and applying a lot of the principals about money that he suggests.  At one point in the past we were just about to start "baby step 4", but currently we are on "baby step 2" again (paying off all debt).  Hopefully we will get that one done within a reasonable amount of time so that we can move on to the next baby step.  I like to work in steps!!

I also think budgeting money is great because it helps us achieve our goals.  We have two main goals: One is to help others.  We would love to be able to give more.  I often feel frustrated because we want to buy someone else's dinner, give more at church, give to worthy causes, leave big tips for a waitress, etc. etc. and we aren't able to do as much as we would like right now.  Another really large goal that will probably take years to achieve is living on more acreage so that we can have more animals.  Think horses, goats, alpacas, more chickens and the list goes on!  It is one of my biggest dreams to live on a small farm and it always has been.  I am hoping with some good, sturdy budgeting that one day we can reach these goals and dreams of ours! 

Budgeting Time

I am learning you have to be really wise with the time that is given to you.  Time goes SOO fast!!  It has really gone fast since we had our first baby.  In order for me to feel good about spending all the time I have been blessed with, I feel that I need to learn to use it wisely.  I try to cuddle my sweet baby boy, laugh with him, read to him, and all sorts of other things as much as I can while I still can.  

I am trying to spend my time actively... not laying around but moving, going, being, doing.  I have bad days, sometimes more often than I would like to admit.  But this is a work in progress!!  I am ALWAYS trying to improve on it.  I don't want to look back one day, in my old age, and regret spending my time unwisely on things that didn't really matter.

Go, be, and do!!

Budgeting Eating

Oh I love a good burrito!!
UGH I hate this one.  It is a very hard one for me to properly grasp.  I am a serious over-eater.  I could easily weigh 100s of pounds if not careful.  I love juicy burgers, carb-heavy foods covered in cheese, fried EVERYTHING.... I could go on all day.  I LOVE food.  I enjoy eating a little too much at times!  So I have really been trying to be careful lately, just trying to remember that moderation is key.  Sure, eat a burger now and then.  But not every day.  Have a Coke, ahhhh.  So yum.  But not everyday, it has to be a special treat.  Because of adopting a new way of thinking about food, I have been able to shed a few annoying pounds and I am hoping to shed even more.  I am starting to feel a lot better about myself now that I am just beginning to fit into those pre-baby shirts! (Jeans were easy, it has been the shirts that have been impossible to get back into for me.  Weird!)

These are some major things I am focusing on in my life right now.  What are you currently trying to budget?


  1. I love to hear about people taking control of their money. It is such a smart thing to do, and for all the reasons you mentioned. Dave Ramsey is a great person to listen to about such matters. We did the steps before there even were steps, but I still listen to him on the way to pick the kids up from school. You are doing things the right way. Keep it up!
    As for the time and eating budgets...they are certainly more difficult once a baby enters the mix! I know you didn't ask for advice, and I don't normally give it unless a person asks, but I'm breaking my rule...
    When my kids were little, I used the 20 minute rule. I'd play with them for 20 minutes then do some cleaning or other chore for 20 minutes, alternating back and forth. We didn't do it every day, of course, but it really helped with my ability to get things done as well as give the kids the attention they needed. Just an idea! :)

    1. Thank you, Christine!! That is a great plan. I do something similar to that at the moment in usually about 30 minute to 1 hour intervals. The Littlest Farmer is really good at playing on his own for a while so I can get a good chunk of stuff done, and then that allows me to spend a good chunk of time on him again!! He is such a good boy. Also he is a great sleeper/napper. Honestly I feel like I have a lot of time without him since he sleeps so well to the point that sometimes I miss him really badly lol. It makes me want to spend his every waking minute with him, but I am trying to also make sure he doesn't think I have to be with him every second. It is so hard to find a balance sometimes! Is it normal to feel so guilty all the time as a mom?! I find I constantly do.

  2. Excellent post. We're Dave Ramsey fans too and our only debt is our mortgage. Little by little it's coming down. I so agree about self-control. it's something most of us have little of and it can be difficult to learn. But worth it!

    1. It is worth it!! I am so thankful for Dave Ramsey.... he has turned our irresponsible habits into responsible, goal-focused habits. We listen to his show all the time! It is kind of a weird addiction. Haha! Thanks for visiting, Leigh!

  3. I am the same way about food. I like the idea of seeing at an area to "budget". Although, I must say I've been doing better this year than last. I still have a few pounds left o lose from pregnancy.Trying to stay motivated has been the key for me

    1. Yes, motivation can be so tough sometimes!! Looking at eating as an area to budget has really helped me better grasp watching my calories and sticking to a plan. I have moments of failure, but overall I have been pretty happy with how I've done so far. Just gotta keep moving forward!

  4. Great post! I love your budgeting goals, especially the budgeting time goal. It's so important to spend time wisely.

  5. Good job in sorting out every angle imaginable to achieve financial freedom. Money is not the only resource you should be in control of. I think including time in the list is a brilliant idea. I'm glad that you are so motivated to achieve your financial goals, Lana! Thanks for sharing that! I wish you all the best on that regard! :)

    Naomi Cruz @ 4 Pillars


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