The Queen Returns

Yay!!!  Siri came home last night!!  After a week of being gone, I was sure she was lost for good.  I had just sat down on my bed to shed a few tears that my dear kitty had been either eaten by something or kidnapped.

When I heard Ben say, "Siri?  SIRI?!"

It was a joyous moment of reunion.

So now, Siri is inside again as is Gypsy.  We will be trying a few new things to improve Siri's.... bathroom habits.  Once the weather warms up, we will let them go outside as usual.  But for now, I am just too scared she might leave again.  She seemed very happy to be home and I have no idea what happened, but I would very much like to avoid a repeat!

Siri is a mess, that is for sure.  But she is a mess that I love.  I hope she is around for many years to come!

Also... there has been a fly in my house... in February.  That is just ridiculous.  It has been pestering me for DAYS.  What happens as soon as I the cats in?

Gypsy catches it.

Eats it.

Looks at me like... "teach you to throw me outside".  


Yes, cats.  Lesson LEARNED.


  1. YIIIPPPPEEEEEE!!! I'm so glad to hear of Siri's return!
    Fly story...hilarious.

    1. Gyp has mad fly killing skills. Don't know what I'd do without that girl!

  2. Yay!!! So glad Siri came back! That girl. She's gotta know to stay where she has it good.

    1. She is a real mess, that is for sure!

  3. Oh, yea! So glad she came home. What a great ending to that story. And, by the way, I thought I was nuts because we had a big, FAT fly in our house a couple of days ago. I thought "Now how on earth is there a fly in here in February and how did he get that big?" So I guess I'm not alone. Hope that doesn't mean we're going to have a bad year with bugs in the garden.

    1. I wonder if that won't be true. It really does seem the flies have been large so far!! We shall see!


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