Thrilling Thursdays: Animal and Baby Update!

The last week or two has been filled with moments of fun and moments of frustration.

For one thing, the Friday before last started with my cat.


In our printer.

UGH.  Not a good day.  Siri has been bad about doing this kind of thing lately, and this was the last straw.  I love my girl SO much, but once a cat starts to pee inside in random places (when there is a perfectly clean litter box just a few feet away) there is no stopping them.  So my WONDERFUL brother in law helped me out by making my two inside kitties a beautiful cat house.

Now they can live just outside our french doors and watch us all day just like they are inside, just minus the urine.  I think Gypsy is already loving it way more, but Siri will probably take more time to adjust.

Then there was Engine who decided he would rather be a chicken...

I couldn't find him all day and was starting to get worried when I went to check on the chickens.  Here he came out of the empty broody house, just stretching and as happy as could be.  The chickens weren't phased a bit by his presence.  They didn't so much as bat an eye!

Next was the cold front that came through... we haven't had hardly a speck of snow all winter and the weatherman said we might have a little something.  Even the animals were excited that something was coming....

But we ended up getting nothing more than a few flakes.  Boo!  I mean I don't want to be snowed in for days, but we usually get at least one pretty snow during the winter!  I kinda miss it.

This past weekend we all went to eat with our family to our favorite Chinese restaurant.  Oh, so good!!  They had an aquarium that the Littlest Farmer really enjoyed...

Then on Sunday we visited the park with the Littlest Farmer.  There were all sorts of neat things to see and do!  We went on a little hike afterwards, too.  We love spending time outdoors with our baby boy!
Cave demonstration.
Bird watch!
 It has been a great week!  How was your week?


  1. I feel so behind on your life! Just now catching up. I love that the Littlest Farmer is getting all these neat experiences outdoors and with nature. Y'all are such good parents :)


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