Snow, A Missing Cat, and Our 7th Anniversary Date

The beginning of this week we got a bit of snow.  First it was about an inch of ice, and then a couple of inches of snow on top.  I am not a fan of snow but I was more than okay with it this time when it managed to enable hubby to work from home for the day!  That I could get used to.  Since the temps have hardly risen above freezing, it is still sticking around!

My week has been a little rough because Siri has very unfortunately gone missing.  She is my little queen-bee and I have been missing her terribly.  We have looked and called for her everywhere.  Ben is going to ask the neighbors tonight if they have seen any sign of her, but of course I am afraid since the snow and all that something may have happened to her and that there will be no more Siri.

No more Siri to tear up my toilet paper roll.

No more Siri to meow at me to get up in the morning.

No more Siri to make me giggle as I watch her biting her own back feet.

Ugh, my heart.  I am praying this is not the case.  Siri got me through some really hard times back when we were struggling with infertility issues.  Whatever ends up happening, I am so thankful for her.  Cats have had a funny way in my life of popping in at really hard times and popping right back out when times get easier.

On to lighter subjects!

On Saturday the hubby and I celebrated our 7th anniversary by taking the day away in town.  It was the longest I had left the Littlest Farmer so I am not gonna lie.  It was hard.  But much needed!  The Littlest Farmer's grandparents watched him and of course they had a ball together.

For the start of the day, we got all gussied up:

And headed to Rogers, Arkansas.  We got a bit of a late start to the day so by the time we finally got to town, the GPS lead us astray, and fighting Valentine's day traffic, Sonic was about the only place serving breakfast.  So we ate.  And it was YUM!!

Next up we did a little shopping at Hobby Lobby.  Hubby needed a new frame for his desk at work, and I was wanting to check out the stationary.  Also I have a little project I am planning for the Littlest Farmer's room, so I picked out some burlap-type twine for that.

By the time we finished shopping we needed to head to the Pinnacle Mall for our movie.  We walked around in the shops a little while, just enjoying some time together.  Then we saw Big Hero 6.  It was adorable!!  The short film "Feast" at the beginning had me crying... which was ridiculous.  I guess it was just being away from the Littlest Farmer and how the short ended that just totally got me.  I don't cry easily.  But yeesh!!  
"Feast" short, Disney 2014.
We really enjoyed Big Hero 6.  Yes it is probably weird that we enjoy watching "kid" movies.  But quite frankly, I enjoy not having to worry about seeing or hearing something distasteful.  This movie really had us laughing, and I can always appreciate that!

After our movie, we did a little shopping again.  My sweet hubby helped me pick out this:
I had to take it off my right hand and put it on my left because
I can't take pictures with my left hand. Haa!
Which I am loving.  It is my reminder of our sweet day together, and that we have been together 7 years.  It has been a beautiful, fun, crazy, messy ride.  And I cannot wait for many more!

We decided to take in another movie before our evening ended, and so we watched Mockingjay, Part 1.  I had read the books therefore I wanted to see the movie, but it was hard to watch.  Just so sad and basically just stressful!  We enjoyed Big Hero 6 much better.  

Not my picture.
We ended our evening with a DELICIOUS dinner at Johnny Carino's.  Our waiter was extremely nice and attentive, and that is something we always appreciate.
Not my picture, but this is what I got. SOO good!
We had a truly enjoyable day, and came home that night to find the Littlest Farmer had gone down to bed perfectly (like he always does) for his grandparents.


  1. Happy Anniversary and it sounds like a wonderful day!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that Suri is missing. I hope she returns home soon.
    Your photos are beautiful. I have been a big baby and won't go out to take photos in these frigid temps.

    Happy Anniversary!
    I'm so glad the two of you took a day to celebrate.

  3. What a great way to celebrate your 7th year anniversary! So sorry to hear Siri went missing (just read that she came back). I haven't seen Big Hero 6 yet, but I did watch Mockingjay. I thought it was pretty good, and I'm looking forward to the last one.


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