Mommy Post Monday: Some Days You Just Get By

Last week, I entirely disappeared from the blogosphere.  I was not to be found.  Not here, not there, not anywhere.  It was kind of like a Dr. Seuss novel.

You could not find me in a tree.

You could not find me on a ski.

I just tried to focus on breathing...

Why? Because my baby is teething!!

Teething is forreal.  I always just thought people had cranky babies and made it up as an excuse.  Yes, I am that stupid!!  Well I am here to tell you it is a real, VERY real thing!  The Littlest Farmer is usually such a sweet boy, pretty laid back and low-key.  So I knew something must be up when he was waking often in the night and screaming during the day.  Upon further inspection were TWO tips of tiny teeth in his lower jaw.

That marks another thing that I, Mommy Clueless, did not know.  I just assumed a baby would teethe a couple of days and WHAM - one big beautiful tooth to show for it.  NOPE!!  More like screaming, crying, wailing, needing constant cuddles through the night with nothing to show for it other than maybe 1 millimeter of tooth sticking up.  It isn't even enough to get a picture of.  It looks more like just a suspicious line on the gums.  

Pitiful.  All that work for that?!

The good news is that since these two teeth seem to have broken the surface, our Littlest Farmer seems much more settled.  You can still tell he's uncomfortable sometimes, but it isn't quite as bad as before.

So I was really counting my blessings last week, even through the tough teething times.  SO thankful hubby works hard so that I can stay home with our Littlest Farmer, cuddle him as he needs it, sing to him, read to him, and try all sorts of remedies for his discomfort to see what works and what doesn't.  Sometimes, I am learning as a new momma, you just "get by".  Laundry?  Dishes?  BLOGGING?  Ha.  It doesn't happen....

"The cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
But children grow up as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs; Dust go to sleep!
I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep."
- Ruth Hamilton


  1. Oh yes, teething pain is real. I'm so glad you are able to be home to take care of him. By putting off the cleaning, you have ordered your priorities correctly.

  2. Gee, it sounds something like menopause! :-}


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