Arwen Gets a New Do

Today was the annual shearing day for Arwen.  Yes, we shave our collies each summer.  There is actually a lot of debate on whether or not collies should be shaven, and my verdict has come to this:  Do what is best for your dog.  All dogs are different!  If your collie is susceptible to sunburn and appears comfortable in the summer with a full coat, don't shave.  If your collie appears extremely uncomfortable during the summer and never acts herself until she gets a full shave (and then runs around like a crazy pup) you might consider shaving.  I have found the latter to be true for my collies after trying both methods and watching them closely.  Thus, we shave for summer.

Lucky for me, my lovely Mom is a dog groomer so that is where we headed today...

Arwen enjoys her ride to the doggy beauty parlor.

Lots of hair!
Feeling so much better!
 I wish I could have snapped some pictures when we got home, but I didn't have my camera ready.  Everyone's reaction to Arwen's hair cut cracked me up!  The cats fuzzed up like they'd never met her.  Jake got stiff and proud looking, like he was trying to show off to a new girl.  And Arwen?  She hasn't run and played and barked like this since winter.  It is clear to see she feels wonderful!  She is still running around barking at Jake like a puppy.
Arwen nosey!  So cute.

A Special Word to My Followers:

I wanted to say thank you so much for the kind outpouring of support on my last post about our sick pony and chick!  I am so pleased to say that everyone is looking much better.  You can hardly tell Bill was ever lame at all and our chick is slowly but surely improving.  Hopefully we are out of the woods and well on our way to better days!


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