Best Weekend Moments

Ahh.  The weekend was a welcome rest!  And of course, also chock-full of random stories that I want to tell...

Most Embarrassing Moment of the Weekend:

I put this as my personal Facebook status.  Here is what happened... I just felt like all my blogger friends needed to know.  Why?  Because you need to smile today.  And if that is at my expense, that is okay with me!  Haha!

*Enter Lana and Ben walking across parking lot, Lana holding a small vase of flowers.*
- Truck drives up.
- Lana drops her phone in front of big truck. She hurriedly stoops to pick it up.
- Ben waves a thank-you wave to truck driver for waiting while Lana picks up phone.
- Lana stands up and isn't watching where she is going. Slams into and bounces off of Ben. Water sprays everywhere from vase, wets Lana's phone and shirt and pants and face and hair and glasses.
- Lana and Ben start to laugh and their faces turn really red. They wonder if the truck driver thinks they are an act from the Three Stooges.
*Exit Lana and Ben, Lana covering face saying "I am SO embarrassed for the rest of my life..."*


The Moment I Learned the Most:

We planted a few different plants I think back at the beginning of April.  One of them was a wisteria vine.  I was really hoping to get it to grow along the dog fence to make it look pretty!  Well, I waited and watered and waited some more, and nothing.  Everyone who looked at it said it was probably dead.  So what do I do?  I find my Tractor Supply receipt and decide I will just take that little dead twig in and get my money back.  So I go out to the twig and start to pull and pull and PULL!!  Then snap... out pops the twig.  Of course there is a small very ALIVE bit of growth, slowly vining it's way up the dead twig part.  Isn't that just how life is?  We try really hard to be patient.  We wait and wait.  But sometimes we can't bear to wait anymore and we rip out that seemingly lifeless last shred of hope by the roots.  And of course, we find, it was growing all along.  We just needed to have a little faith.  Naturally, I felt pretty sheepish.  Ben helped me to loosen the dirt and put the twig back in and I watered it well.  Maybe it will live!  I love gardening because of things like this.  God uses his creation to teach his children.  Lesson learned.  This story applies to my life right now so much that it is kind of scary.  Wow.

Funniest Moment:

I have been constantly amazed that Mrs. Potts still has all 9 of her babies alive and well, even while free ranging all day around cats and dogs.  Well, now I know why.  I was watching our little fat calico Siri stalk Mrs. Potts and her chicks.  She pounced halfheartedly, obviously not intending to actually catch any of them but just enjoying seeing them run.  Well Petrie was having NONE of that.  Up he comes, squawking, tail flared, and chases Siri across the yard and into the woods so far I couldn't see them anymore.  I just stood there and laughed!  What an awesome rooster!

Okay, I think that does it for best weekend moments.  Be sure to share a few of yours!


  1. Your embarrassing moment sounds hilarious! I wish I could've seen it!

    1. I can only wonder what the driver of the truck was thinking.... on second thought, I am sure I don't want to know lol!

  2. There is nothing like a public embarrassment to get people laughing. I hope you were going straight home after that. :)
    What a good rooster you have! I never saw ours go after anything except little children. At which time, it was curtains for them!

    1. I understand and agree entirely on the curtain closing time for for a mean roo! My animals need to learn to be nice and so far, it has worked really well. We shall see how the geese go!

  3. Love your best weekend moments. Your parking lot scene had me laughing out loud :) And I love your vine story. Thanks for sharing it. I've thought about it a lot this morning and how it relates in my own life. I need to keep trusting in God, even when I'm ready to give up.

    1. Glad I could give you a smile! :) The vine story has had me thinking a lot, too. I am so glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Wow, what a learning moment with that little wisteria vine. That is so true for me sometimes. I am learning patience has taken me half a century to do it, but I am learning :-)

    I so love Mr Petrie, I hope my little Barry grows up to be like him...the Protector of his ladies.

    And especially thanks for the laugh! Why is it that we do the silliest things when we seem to have the biggest audience? Love it, and love that you shared.

  5. I wish I could say I was learning patience. Sometimes I think I am, then suddenly I realize I am being really impatient!! Still trying to learn though. :)

    I bet your rooster will be great. Roos are so fun to watch, if you have a good one. Petrie has always been the top roo, even when other roosters were around. Everyone knows to respect him! Haha!


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