Summer Time

Things around here are heating up and hoppin' as usual!  For starters, I pulled a giant piece of grass out of Siri's nose this morning.  Yes, her nose.  She was having a sneezing fit and it was quite clearly the culprit.  No idea how she got it there... 
Look at that smug expression.  Such a little queen!

Mrs. Potts deserves a mention.  She is probably the most hardworking chicken EVER.  She is taking care of nine babies and I just found her in the nesting box today!  So she is keeping us in eggs AND taking care of her babies.  What an awesome chicken.  She deserves a treat!
Busy Mrs. Potts!
Egg is still warm.

I have also been trying to take the goslings out and keep them cool in the shade.  Here is a shot of them enjoying some nap time:
That's pretty cute, you have to admit.

I was also able to put together a lovely bouquet yesterday.  Honeysuckle, spearmint, and various roses combined to make a bouquet pleasing to the eyes and nose!  I love flowers.  They are so much fun!
 Oh and one last thing.  Spokes was watching me from the french doors this morning haha!  He says to tell you all hello...
Have a great day my lovely followers!


  1. Did all of those flowers come from your property?? I am so jealous right now.

    1. They did! I am proud of my little roses. They have done great this year! And tee hee, don't be jealous. You can can. That makes me jealous lol (plus it sounds funny).

  2. The goslings are too cute! And tell Spokes that I said "hello" too! Beautiful flowers. I love having a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my table. They brighten up a room!

    1. Thank you! The goslings are growing so fast.

  3. Love the pictures and the flowers are just gorgeous!


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