Road Tripping Across Oklahoma and Texas

I meant to post this yesterday, but we are traveling and I didn't have consistent access to the internet.  We are headed across Oklahoma to Texas for the funeral of a dear sweet elderly woman we knew from church (we used to live in Texas).  So the next post or two won't have much to do with homesteading, but I wanted to share a few things with you lovely folks!
Road trippin'!
First off, in Oklahoma City we stopped for lunch at a place called Hugo's Taquizas.  My thoughts: I am pretty picky when it comes to restaurants, with regards to cleanliness and location. This place got an F for cleanliness.  The bathroom was awful!  Also, it is in an older part of town... a pretty run down area.  I will say, though, that the food was excellent and the prices superb!  If eating here, I would suggest getting your food to go.  Here are some pics of the food:
This was my loaded burrito.  Delish!
MMMM!!  This is what Ben got to eat.  It is chicken tacos.
We dipped radishes in the salsa.
Mexican coke!
This salsa was really yummy!
Next we traveled through the Yukon-El Reno area where a big tornado had recently hit.  When seeing the aftermath of a tornado, I always get chills. So terrifying to think people were trapped in the path of such an intense force.  Here are a few shots I got of the damage from the road:
Tattered billboard.
Trying to clean up the mess.
Road partition was bent over in a lot of places.
Trashed trees.
Vinyl billboard cover stuck to an electric pole.
Our last stop before our destination was a place called 66 Sweet Shop in Elk City, Oklahoma.  They have the most amazing snocones called "Salty Frogs".  Sooo good!!

We finally got to our destination of Plainview at about 8 p.m. yesterday evening.  We had a great time seeing old friends that we consider family and also were glad to be able to pay our respects to the passing of a sweet Christian woman.  Today we are headed back home... pray we have a safe trip and don't run into any storms!  (But for the record, if we do see some storms, I will be sure to get some pictures for y'all!)


  1. I love little hole in the wall diners. We always try to find them when traveling. I try very hard to not pay attention to the cleanliness or lack thereof. Especially if the food is delicious.
    Safe travels!

    1. If I hadn't needed to go to the bathroom before eating, my first impression would have been a lot better lol. But would I go back? YES. It was that good!

  2. Love this, especially since I am an Okie born and raised. Love all the little hole in the wall places we have here, they are amazing

    1. Thanks so much for visiting us! I will be sure to check out your blog. :)

  3. That snowcone looks divine. Now you have me wanting a snowcone stat!

    1. Oh it was so good! If you ever travel that way, you need to try it! YUM!

  4. That's some delicious look road trip food. Watch out for tornados! :)

    1. Thankfully we didn't see any, and I am glad! They are so scary!

  5. Fun traveling along with you and how wonderful you took the trip to go to her funeral. Very sweet.


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