Wednesday Happenings

Today was a beautiful day!  It was so nice that I was able to take a nice walk/jog around noon and didn't even get over heated.  I am planning on ground driving Bill on these jogs I am doing once I am sure he has had adequate time to heal.  He is no longer lame but I want to make sure he gets plenty of rest and time off before we start working again!
The geese are getting so big.  I let them have some free range time today with the dogs.  One of the geese chased Arwen off when she came up to investigate!  I couldn't help but giggle!
Woo hoo feelin' good!  Stretch those wings!
Starting to look so grown up.
The dogs have been doing so good with the geese and chickens!

Hubby harvested a few potatoes and an onion for dinner.  They are looking good but still pretty small so we will continue to let the others grow and dig them up as we need them.
Spokes says, "Need some help?"
"I help harvest potatoes.  See?"


Everyone is doing great.  The chickens free range daily and love it!  Gypsy has been accepted by everyone, even the chickens.  Bill grazes on the green grasses of summer.
I love my spoiled little girl.
Spokes, the coolest chicken ever.
Gypsy and the Cochin chickens.
Sweet Jakey giving me puppy eyes.
We are so blessed!  Hope you all had a marvelous Wednesday.


  1. Oh, to have animals that get along! When we got our dog, we were brand new to country life. We wanted a dog who was wonderful with kids and big enough to keep critters at bay. We found one. Roy is an awesome dog, except he doesn't let anything besides humans in the yard. He will eat chickens that venture in, and attack any other animal that dares enter. Pigs, dogs, cats, opossums, raccoons, whatever. He had been a stray, so was very adept at fending for himself. And he has taught our other dog his survival skills. After Roy dies, we will most certainly do things differently.
    Your animals are clearly happy, healthy, and well-loved.

  2. I really got lucky with these dogs... Especially since they have already killed a chicken once in their lives. But since it was only once, and they really don't have that tendency to kill (they have had snakes, armadillos, opossums in their pen and can't bring themselves to kill them lol) it seemed pretty easy to train them out of it. I know there is always a risk that I might look outside to find a dead chicken, but so far they have been doing really good and I gain more confidence in them every day.

    I am so glad it is obvious my animals are well-loved and happy and healthy. I really do put a great deal of time into them! I am always outside checking on them. :)

  3. I LOVED these pictures! Brought a huge smile to my face I enjoyed them so much :)

  4. Loved your laid back post ...your farm sounds like ours :)


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