The Lost Little Pony

On Saturday, we went to a church fellowship gathering.  The plan was to cook out, enjoy each other's company, and do some singing together.  As we all started coming together at the start of the gathering, some people said they had seen a little pony in the road and tried to shoo him away.  I didn't think much of it...

The grill was fired up and the hotdogs, hamburgers, and chicken were cooking.  It smelled so good!  My sister (Julia) and I were outside talking with friends when suddenly someone said, "Look!  There is that pony we saw on the road!"  I turned my head to look at the most gorgeous little bay pony who nickered a high-pitched greeting whinny.  He was precious!!  Julia and I looked at each other with a "you know what I'm thinking" smile and started towards him.  He greeted us with ears forward, sweet as could be, and let us pet him.  He then walked along through the parked cars and I started thinking about what I could use for a make-shift halter.  I just so happened to have a dog leash in the car, and that did the trick!!  I wish I could have gotten pictures.  He let us come right up to him and put the leash around him... It made a pretty nice little halter!  As I stood there, holding him, all I could think was "okay, now what?"  One of my friends offered to run home (which was nearby) and grab a yearling halter that she had.  However, when she arrived, we found it was too big for the cute little beggar!  Julia told Cody (her husband) to run home and bring their horse trailer up.  They own horses and thank goodness have the proper equipment to care for one!  We waited and waited, and the little bay pony was just as sweet as could be the entire time.  I was impressed and falling in love with his personality!  His conformation was gorgeous, though he was a little on the fat side.  I was just dreaming of how beautiful he would look hooked up to a cart when Cody pulled up with the trailer.  The little pony looked interested in the trailer as we walked up to it.  He sniffed around and we slowly opened the door and stepped inside.  For a moment, we thought he might be trailer-shy.  He just sort of stood there, looking in at us.  Then he hopped right in, as sweet as could be.  Inside the trailer is the only shot I was able to get of  him (taken with my cellphone).  Not a great photo, but it's better than nothing!!
We got a rope halter on him but it was still way too big!

The little pony waited in the trailer (in the shade eating some hay) while we enjoyed the gathering.  Someone thought they knew who his owners were but they weren't home.  At the end of the day, Julia and Cody took him to their house and kept him inside a barn/paddock area.  This precious little pony couldn't have made it into better hands!  Finally yesterday, Julia and Cody were able to make contact with the pony's owners and take him home.  What an adventure for the little guy!  I must say, I was pleased to meet him.  What a cutie!


  1. What a cutie is right! Glad you and your friends were there to get him home safe!


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